Next Level Mastermind Application

Thank you so much for your interest in the Next Level Mastermind.  There is a simple two step process for joining as outlined below.

Step 1 - Complete Application

The first step toward joining the Next Level Mastermind is to complete the online application.  Please click the button below to complete the online application.

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Step 2 - Potential Coaching Experience

If your application suggests that you are a good fit for the the Next Level Mastermind, I will consider inviting you into a complimentary 90 minute coaching experience.

I do not merely "interview" those who apply for the Next Level Mastermind.  Instead, I give applicants a powerful experience of the mastermind principle in action. The purpose of this coaching experience is to allow you to determine if the Next Level Mastermind would be a good fit for you, your needs and most importantly, for the attainment of your dreams.

Once your application has been submitted, you should receive an email from me, within a few days, letting you know if I feel that if I feel like moving to Step 2 is appropriate.

I look forward to the potential of working with you.

The Next Level Mastermind is the most powerful and transformative experience that I've ever offered in my business. I have decided to make a significant commitment of time, effort and energy into the success of a small, and very select, number of people each year.

I look forward to the potential opportunity to be in a mastermind (and mentoring) relationship with you.

I look forward to the potential of talking with you soon.


Cliff Ravenscraft


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