668 – Breaking Free From The Cycle of Indecision

In this episode, I share a coaching conversation that I recently had with Abd Aref via the Free The Dream Clubhouse Community.

Here is the question that was posed…

Whenever I make a decision, I'd always set out the pros and cons. And then I would predict the outcome. I will also communicate to seek some advice from people who have already made decisions similar to mine. But the thing is that I ALWAYS GET STUCK in this stage where I always think about WHAT IF… , WHAT IF… , WHAT IF… , WHAT IF… It leaves me emotionally drawn. I cannot sleep. I cannot do ANYTHING! I would always just have these… (thoughts?) It could be negative, it could be positive…. But it makes me take long periods to make a decision. And I end up not making the right decision. So what's your take on that?

If you find that you resonate with this question, I encourage you to listen to this episode to hear my response.

Of course I encourage you to read the book that I recommended in this episode. It is Psycho-Cybernetics: Updated and Expanded by Dr. Maxwell Maltz.


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