663 – Getting To What You Truly Want – Destinations Vs Vehicles

In this episode, I have a share another coaching conversation that I recently had on Clubhouse. Carolina had asked the question, “When do you think would be a good time to stop trying to go after the things that you want in life?”

Carolina had been attempting to get a scholarship for a Masters Degree Program in another country for many years. She had applied four separate times and had not got the scholarship. Having already decided to stop pursuing this dream, she is faced with a desire to apply once again. She's wondering if she should do it or just “stop.”

It is my sincere hope that our conversation will bring forth a great deal of insight in your own life as you begin to dig much deeper to find out what it is that you “truly” want in life. Once you find out what you truly want, you'll often discover that there are a number of ways to get it and all the resources you need are already available to you.


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