686 - If I Argue For My Limitations, I Will Get To Keep Them Every Time

Below is the outline that I used to create this podcast episode. I thought that including each of these incredibly powerful questions in the show notes would be of tremendous value you to you.

I used to struggle to believe that I could make a living encouraging others through conversations (coaching).

My Limiting Beliefs:

  • You don’t get paid to do your “hobby” or “the things you love to do” in this world.

    • Why should you earn money doing what you love when there are so many other people who suffer working two and three jobs, doing things that make them miserable, just to barely provided for the minimum needs of their family?
  • People understand and accept you in a “known, trusted and responsible career” such as insurance agent?

    • What would people think if they learned you left that behind to encourage people through your podcast content?
    • What if you succeed? Would people become bitter and resentful that you are getting paid well to work that fills you with joy while they continue to suffer their soul-sucking day job or jobs?

What I discovered along the way was the following:


2. Your Subconscious Mind Will Always Work To Answer Any Question That You Put To It.

3. Change Your Questions And You Will Change Your Life


  • I wonder what my life would be like if I were to make a full-time living from having encouraging conversations with others (Coaching)?
    • How would my life be different?
    • How would I feel after working with each client?
    • In what way would my coaching benefit the lives of those I coach?



  • I’ve got a lot of financial commitments already, I need money NOW, and I simply don’t see any path to a business model that will allow me to do this work.


  • Who is already out there, making a living from coaching, that I can study and learn from?
  • How much money would I need to generate, per month, to live up to all my financial commitments? (Let’s pretend that it is $10K Per month)
  • What are at least five products/services, that I could begin offering, that would allow me to earn generate $10K per month from my passion for coaching, teaching, encouraging, educating, etc?
    • Can I find 1 Client to pay $10K per month?
    • Can I find 2 Clients to pay $5K per month?
    • Can I find 4 Clients to pay $2.5K per month?
    • Can I find 10 Clients to pay $1K per month?
    • Can I find 20 Clients to pay $500 per month?
    • Can I find 40 Clients to pay $250 per month?
    • Can I find 100 Clients to pay $100 per month?



  • I have so many unresolved issues in my own life, why would anyone would trust me as their coach?
    • (This question asks your subconscious mind to come up with answers to support your limitation)
      • Ask this question and you’ll be surprised at the limitless answers that will come as to why people would not want to hire you


  • Is there anyone in this world without any unresolved issues?
    • Great! I’m in good company with the human race.
  • Are there any struggles, obstacles, limitations or any other issues that I’ve faced in my past that I have successfully overcome?
    • Make a list as long as you can.
      • “The Obstacle Is The Way.”
      • “Turn your suffering into Wisdom”
      • Document and share what you’ve learned!
  • In what way will my current un-resolved issues give me even further credibility and wisdom as I begin to tackle them, one by one as I continue my life’s journey?



  • I don’t have enough experience or as much experience as so many other people who already do this work.
  • I’m not nearly as qualified as others.
  • Why would anyone hire me when they could hire someone else who has so much more experience and qualifications?
    • Ask this question and your subconscious mind will give you many convincing answers to support this limitation.


  • Are there people out there who have less experience than I have in this area who would be delighted to learn from the experience I’ve had so far?
  • Is it possible that the fact that I’m new and just starting out could work to my advantage?
    • Ask this question and you might find answers like…
      • Some people would much rather hear from you, someone that they have come to know and trust, rather than someone that you personally known and trust, but where the person you look up to does not resonate with them?
      • As people continue to master their skills and build even greater amounts of value from their acquired knowledge and wisdom, they often can demand much than you would even dream of charging at this stage in your game. This means that you may be far more accessible and affordable than the people that you might be comparing yourself to.
      • You almost owe it to people to give them the opportunity to have access to someone who is more accessible and more affordable than those big name mentors you look up to.



  • I don’t have a large enough following.


  • Do I require a large following to make a living doing what I most desire to do?
  • Who on this earth was born with a large following?
    • Great! I’m in good company with the human race?
  • What are the common qualities and characteristics of those who attain large followings?
  • Is there anyone who has a large following out there that I can study to learn what steps they may have taken to gain such a following?
  • What platform(s) am I willing to put my message out there (aka: create content) to gain my first/next follower?


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