Do you want to launch a podcast
but don't know where to start?

This is your LAST CHANCE to participate in a session of Podcasting A to Z , where I will personally work with you to launch your podcast within four weeks.

This is the FINAL SESSION!


Monday, September 18th through Friday, October 13th, 2017

This is your LAST CHANCE to participate in Podcasting A to Z.

Since March 2011, I've served nearly 700 students in this course, walking them through every step in the process of successfully launching their podcast, giving them unlimited access to me, as their personal coach, for four weeks.

Last week, I announced that I am shutting down Podcasting A to Z as I make "the big leap" into the next season of my professional journey.  


If you want to know more about my decision behind this, I encourage you to listen to episode 515 of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show. It will explain everything.

If you have want to join me for a session of Podcasting A to Z, this is your last chance to have unlimited access to me, as your personal coach, for four weeks, through this course.

This session starts this Monday, September 18th

I look forward to the potential of woking with you over the next four weeks.





My name is Cliff Ravenscraft.  First, and foremost, I am a podcast producer who has produced more than 30 of my own podcast shows with over 3,600 of my very own podcast episodes devoted to Business, Technology, Entertainment, Family, and Faith.

In December 2006, I launched where I have since helped thousands of individuals and organizations successfully launch a podcast through one-on-one coaching, my digital training tutorials and this Podcasting A to Z online group coaching course.

If you were to look at the top 100 podcasts in the business category of iTunes, more than 50 of these shows were created by clients that I have worked with.

This four week group coaching program provides the opportunity to have me as your personal coach for a total of four weeks as I walk you through every step in the process of sucessfully launching an amazing sounding audio podcast.

Video Tutorials

Lifetime access to high quality tutorials that will literally walk you, step-by-step, through the process of successfully launching your podcast. Thousands have used these tutorials to get started.

Direct Access To Me

During the four weeks of this course, you get direct access to me as your personal coach. You can ask me an unlimited number of questions and I'm personally committed to answer every one of them.

Group Coaching Calls

I will host four, live, weekly group coaching calls. Calls take place each Friday at 2pm ET. If you can't make it to the live call, they are recorded and made available afterward.

Fellow Students

One of the benefits of "group coaching" is that you will not only get answers to all of your own questions, but you also benefit from the answers that others in the group receive to their questions. Questions you might not have thought to ask yourself.

Great Sounding Podcast

I'm extremely proud of the fact that every student who has gone through Podcasting A to Z has launched an audio podcast with AMAZING SOUND QUALITY. I will help you achieve this also, no matter what your equipment budget is.

Ongoing Peer Support

Once you complete the course, you will be offered the opportunity to join the private Podcasting A to Z Alumni Facebook Group where more than 350 graduates are actively offering ongoing peer support and encouragement.

Space is Limited In this FINAL SESSION!

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Well Respected Training

What people are saying about Podcasting A to Z

Amy Porterfield

“If you’ve known me for even a short while, you know I’m not a techy girl. So when I wanted to start a podcast, I knew I would need a lot of help. Cliff has been my go to guy from the start. I had no idea what I was doing, or how to do it. Terrified of podcast tech, I went through Cliff’s Podcasting A to Z course. I had everything I needed to set up my podcast and more. Cliff taught me the nuances of creating a show that would be successful - from the flow of the show, what to talk about in interviews and how to get the biggest traction on iTunes. The best part of Cliff’s course is how easy and thorough it was for someone like me with zero experience in the podcasting world. I’m happy to say that my show has nearly two million downloads and I would not have been able to achieve that had Cliff not been my guide from the very beginning!”

Pat Flynn

“Cliff, by far, has been the biggest influence on me and my podcasting career. I had struggled so much to get started and it wasn’t until a year and a half after wanting to start a podcast that I finally connected with Cliff and he got me going down the right path to make it happen. I only wish I worked with him sooner.”

Michael Hyatt

“I highly recommend Cliff's Training Course. It covers everything you need to know to create a successful audio podcast. The unlimited access to Cliff for four weeks is worth the price alone.”

Michael Stelzner

“If you're looking to create a world-class podcast, go to the man who taught me all I know about podcasting: Cliff Ravenscraft! His A to Z course will shorten your on-ramp to podcasting success.”

Chris Brogan

“Cliff is the go-to-guy for podcasting. I strongly endorse Cliff's work, and if you want to get a podcast up and off the ground, Cliff's Podcasting A to Z course is great resource.”

Mark Mason

“Cliff is an incredibly gifted teacher who specializes in directly “serving” those he works with. Cliff helps his students, with a podcasting dream, plan for success, overcome personal obstacles and build a lasting foundation for their show and business. This combination of technical and business savvy along with Cliff's "Servant's Heart" makes him the best podcast coach in the industry.“

Over 600 students have gone through Podcasting A to Z since March 2011, maintaining a 100% satisfaction rating from day one.

Christy Largent

“I've taken LOTS of classes in my time, but Cliff's time and attention and focus on his students is the best I have ever received. His training course is worth every penny and way, way, WAY more.”

Dane Sanders

“Cliff's Podcasting A to Z coaching course is the gold standard for anyone interesting in creating a professional grade audio broadcast. Beyond having the best training available, I love that he is a character driven guy.”

Heather Bayer

“The focus you gave to answering all our questions, huge patience with newbie technical challenges, and comprehensive tutorials added to an amazing and very beneficial course. I did more in the first 24 hours than I had in the past 24 months.”

Hazel Nieves

“In the past, I have gone through a few of these online courses with some very noted individuals. This is the best experience I have had yet. The main reason is because of you! I love your heart for your students and your fellow man.”

Vicki Adrian

“I walked away with WAY MORE VALUE than I ever expected from this course. Thank you for allowing full access to yourself and for being such a patient teacher/leader. I have taken many online courses on different subjects and hands down, you are THE BEST!“

Joe Taylor

“When friends told me that Cliff pours everything he has into his A to Z students, they weren't kidding. Due to some business travel, I ran into a couple snags with my first episode at the last minute, before the course was due to end. Cliff jumped in and personally pushed me through and I officially launched my show.”

Connie Mankin

“You are an OUTSTANDING teacher and I have learned so much from your answers and your tutorials. I knew that if I was going to learn the skill of podcasting, I wanted to learn from the best. I have not been disappointed. I loved taking part in this class! ”

Brian Kane

“Podcasting A to Z is absolutely AMAZING! I appreciated Cliff's teaching style, wisdom and encouragement. I truthfully had my doubts about whether my podcast would go anywhere. This course helped me to kick my show into reality! As a result, one of the largest radio networks in my industry found my podcast and asked me to be their exclusive interview host.”

Space is Limited In this FINAL SESSION!

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Kathleen Thompson

“When I sigend up for Podcasting A to Z, I knew I would learn how to get a podcast going from the ground up, and I did. From equipment purchase and set-up, to recording, mixing, song and art selection, connecting to my website, and all the technical aspects of getting a podcast distributed - all was covered in this comprehensive course.

But that doesn't begin to describe the experience of participating in this class. Cliff is a master teacher, and a patient one at that. Not only that, but he is generous with his time; he pours himself into each student, answering all our questions, prodding us to be as great as we can be, encouraging and cheering us on. Cliff is clearly an expert; but more than that, he has an incredible heart. I learned how to podcast from Cliff. I also learned about myself, what I am capable of, how I can serve others and how I can impact the world.“

Joe Lamp'l

“As the executive producer of a national television show, I appreciate a great resource and organization when I see it. It’s the lifeblood of our workflow and success. Cliff Ravenscraft and his Podcasting A to Z course is the epitome of that and more. In fact, I loved his course so much, I paid to take it a second time when I needed a refresher for a new podcast we’re launching. It’s that good! No need to ponder the value of this one. It’s there in spades! Sign me a very happy customer!”

Patty Elizee

“Cliff Ravenscraft is truly an ambassador for taking "your message, your business and your life to the next level." He is not only respected among his peers as "The Podcast Answer Man," but he also has a tremendous amount of credibility throughout the whole podcasting community. If you find yourself wondering what's the secret to Cliff's success? Well, it's credited to his HUGE HEART devoted to being of Service First... and that along speaks volumes. Can't thank you enough Cliff! I truly enjoyed every minute learning from the BEST! I'm proud to be among the alumni of your Podcastig A to Z course.“

Todd Uterstaedt

“I signed up for Podcasting A to Z to help launch my podcast. What I got in return was SO MUCH more than I ever anticipated. Your genuine dedication to our personal and professional success comes across loud and clear. You not only taught me the process by which to launch, but you also inspired me to continue on with my dreams and aspirations. Your tutorials are terrific, but YOU are teh reason that Podcasting A to z is transformational. Thank you for a great course. All the best to you and your family.“

Ijeoma Eleazu

“Cliff's Podcasting A to Z course is by far the best investment I made in myself as a podcaster. If you're a novice to podcasting but have big (or small) dreams of making difference with your own podcast, Cliff will take you by the hand through every single detail you need to know (and then some). He gives above and beyond what he says you'll get and the access you'll have to him directly is amazing. Thanks to Cliff I have been podcasting successfully for years now and my podcast has opened doors of opportunity that I could not have anticipated.“

Samantha Alford

“Cliff’s Podcasting A to Z course is hands down the best there is for starting a new podcast. I’ve launched two very successful podcasts (one of which has been the source of new clients and as a result all my income for the past 18 months). Both have allowed me to meet and create relationships with leaders from all walks of life. Cliff’s instruction is easy to understand and implement. The way he teaches takes away all the noise and confusion that you’ll find if you look around at other information on podcasting. If you want to save yourself a heap of time and money, and create a successful podcast, just sign up to Podcasting A to Z today. I’m about to start my third podcast and it’s all thanks to Cliff!”

John Murphy

“I signed up to do Cliff's Podcasting A to Z course a couple of years ago as I wanted to get into podcasting as a serious way of building my business. I am a complete non techie, so I was starting from a low base! I found Cliff's course to be amazing. The amount of content is extraordinary and Cliff's commitment to ensuring that every participant gets the maximum is beyond belief. It is, without any doubt, the most comprehensive online course I have done - and I have done a lot! Sign up now - your business, and your life, will be the better for it”

Christina Canters

“When I decided to start my first podcast, I knew I didn't want to do it half-heartedly -- I wanted to go ALL IN. So I joined Podcasting A-Z. Of course, learning all the technical stuff was great, but the two things that made the course so amazing were: 1. The other students. Doing the course with a group of supportive podcast enthusiasts kept me motivated and inspired -- I didn't feel alone. 2. Having Cliff as a resource. He says he devotes those 4 weeks to his students, and he's not lying! He went above and beyond to help all of us out, and for that I can't thank him enough. And more than 3 years later, I'm still podcasting!”

Dr. Clark Gaither

“I am so pleased with the results that I have obtained through your course. Podcasting A to Z far exceeded all my expectations! Knowing what I know now, I would gladly pay double what I actually paid to take your course. It was that valuable to me. Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!”

Laura McClellan

“I am very glad that I invested in this course. You have put together an awesome collection of invaluable materials that I know I'll consult over and over moving forward. Your responsiveness to our questions, your detailed responses and your encouragement have been priceless. Thank You!”

Jeff Stephens

“Podcasting A to Z was the best investment I've ever made in myself. Cliff provided consistent guidance, relentless support, subject matter expertise, thought leadership, and most importantly... authentic friendship. This course is not a bland academic exercise. It is a full throttle personal experience that will leave you wanting more. Prepare to be blown away!”

Jeremy Kocal

“My expectations were pretty high for this class, and you blew my high expectation away! I feel so supported, challenged and encouraged. And the new tools I now have access to, as a result of this course, wow, wow, WOW! I am extremely thankful there is someone like you doing this out there.”

Ben Reschke

“I learned more, and received far greater value, through the four weeks of this course, than I have in many four month University semesters. I found Cliff to be fully engaged with each individual student as he presented amazing content, answered each question thoroughly and imparted his wealth of technical knowledge. Bottom line: Cliff is a seasoned professional and coach who demonstrates integrity that is beyond reproach.”

Gary Takacs

“If you are interested in podcasting, Podcasting A to Z is the best investment you could possibly make. I took this course in July 2011 and just published the 200th episode of my podcast which has contributed to my business in so many ways! Cliff is an incredible resource and I am very thankful to call him my coach and friend.”

Dr. Linda Tucker

“Cliff Ravenscraft not only knows podcasting...he loves podcasting! He works tirelessly for his students and those who come into his orbit. He is in a word...special. He genuinely wants his students to succeed in a big way and will work with you and for you long after you complete his class. He also happens to be a lovely human being.“

Michał Szafrański

“I started my podcast after going through Podcasting A to Z back in March 2013. Three years later, I've produced more than 80 episodes with over 1.3 Million downloads. Cliff's course was one of the biggest expenses in launching my podcast. However, it was definitely worth the price! Please take into consideration that I am a personal finance blogger focused on the niche of 'How to save money.'”

Wayne Nelson

“Podcasting A to Z is the most comprehensive and value-added course available. It is taught, moderated and fully supported by the Podcast Answer Man himself. The energy and detail of Cliff's proven podcasting curriculum, the direct access to Cliff and the connections that you'll make with fellow students make this a "must have" for anyone who is serious about podcasting.”

Linda Gullo

“Learning from Cliff about Podcasting was my first on-line class. It was the BEST experience ever. Not only did I learn to Podcast, but now I love technology! His mentoring is given without judgment and very complete. Don't hesitate; jump into this opportunity, you’ll love it!“

Jaren Barnes

“Starting a podcast has radically altered our real estate business, and it's all thanks to Cliff Ravenscraft and his Podcasting A to Z course! We've become known as an expert in our market, we've done so much more business and we've even been able to encourage people on their spiritual journey. If you're on the fence about taking A to Z, get off it! Join today, you're life will never be the same!“

Dr. Lynn Wicker

“As a veteran educator for over 30 years, I have a keen eye for high quality instructional delivery and results. When I took Cliff's Podcasting A to Z course, I can honestly say that Cliff FAR EXCEEDED my teaching and learning expectations. In today's world of online courses, I rate Cliff's course as an exemplar of effective teaching! And the huge bonus is he is an even better person that loves people and has a heart to see others succeed!“

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Amanpreet Kaur

“Taking Podcasting A to Z course was the best investment decision I made in 2016. Despite having zero experience in recording anything, I was able to launch my Podcast successfully. Cliff walked me through every step needed to have a successful Podcast. I received his full attention no matter what type of question I asked and how many questions I asked. Cliff followed up with great details making sure that I understood the material and was confident executing what I had learned. I know that if it weren’t for Cliff, I wouldn’t have been able to launch my Podcast. He just gives you extra boost of confidence throughout the course. He is one of the best teachers I know and I know a lot of teachers. I would take any course from Cliff with my eyes closed.“

Ander Frischer

“I'm not sure I can summarize my complete satisfaction with your content and your dedication to your students. No only did you provide critical advice advice and actionable items specific to my podcast, you also helped me develop a framework for some of my broader life philosophies. After your course, I have a better sense of my goals as a professional and as a fellow human being. Our dialog on defining success was transformative and had tremendous value on it's own Thank you for your guidance and support”

Chris Lakey

“Cliff, I have been in business since 1998 and just recently decided to start podcasting. The cost of the A to Z course was not inexpensive, but it was hands-down the best investment I could have made, both in time and in money. It would have been worth every penny at $10K or up.

Everything with the course has been amazing, from the personal interactions, to the Q&A's, to the hands-on help, to the hand drawn diagrams and illustrations - EVERYTHING - has been top notch and above and beyond anything I could have expected or anticipated.“

Lourdes Welhaven

“This is by far, hands down THE best course I have ever taken ever. It is thorough, organized and Cliff delivers...actually, he OVER DELIVERS on the course. If you follow along and do the work, you will have a podcast. There's nothing left unsaid, no stone unturned AND you get to ask as many questions as you need to get your podcast launched. Plus, once you're a student, you are part of Cliff's podcast family. You'll make some great connections with other students in your class as well as prior students. Many doors have been opened for me as a direct result of taking the course, doing the work and launching several podcasts. You are worth it, you need this, it is time...take this course.“

Matthew Lovell

“I have to admit, I was at first skeptical about investing in the course in order to learn how to podcast. I do consider myself to be pretty tech savvy and really didn't think there could be that much to podcasting. That being said - I AM TOTALLY THRILLED I made the investment. There are so many little things that can happen while trying to get a podcast going. Cliff's commitment to this course makes effortless to get answers to all the questions that come up through the process. The time I would have spent making mistakes and redoing things, or even worse, proceeding with a substandard podcast is UNQUESTIONABLY worth the investment. Thank you, Cliff, for your unwavering commitment to this course and each one of your students. I wouldn't be where I am without it.“

Paul Potter

“Thank you so much for going the extra mile and getting me set up. I really, really am humbled and thankful.

I will attempt to pass on the grace you demonstrated to me during our time together to the people I'll try to serve with my ministry online. I pray that God will give me the servant's heart and ability that He has blessed you with.  God has been honored by your sacrifice.

I look forward to meeting and thanking you in person.“

Space is Limited In this FINAL SESSION!

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Ana Melikian

“I was playing with the idea of creating a Podcast and decided to enroll on Podcasting A to Z. Best decision ever! Within 4 weeks, I launched my podcast which was recently featured in The Huffington Post in an article titled “15 Podcasts That Will Leave You Pondering Life’s Big Questions.” Thanks Cliff for your excellent training and your personal dedication to the success of the participants in your program. I am so Grateful.”

Ken Davis

“Cliff’s Podcasting A to Z course was integral to our podcast’s success. The course was well-organized and Cliff was always accessible and ready to help. The resources made available through the course were invaluable. We owe our 5 star rating on iTunes to Cliff! If you are wanting to start a podcast, your search is over.”

James Kinson

“I was in such a hurry to start and made so many mistakes starting my podcast. I was finally able to take Podcasting A-Z and learn from the feet of the podcasting master. Having Cliff's experienced eyes and ears review my website, art work, music, and podcast quality made this a valuable investment. I am thankful for all the time and effort Cliff put into helping me take my podcast and those of all the other students to the next level!“

David Earl

“I contemplated for over six months weather to pay the price of taking Podcasting A-Z. Cliff's course has far exceeded my expectations. Just the connections to other professionals was worth the time, effort and cost of taking this course. This is more than your average online course. It is a life experience for those who want to be the best. And Cliff is the best. Cliff never disappoints. He gives his all to each student. Thank you Cliff for what you do!“

Frank Lipski

“The blessings and changes in my life, because of your Podcasting A to Z course, and your community of amazing people, is more than I could ever have imagined. I remember thinking, prior to the course, “I hope I get something out of this program. I hope it’s right for me.” Well let me just say that it was the best investment I have made in my business EVER! I honestly am thankful, EVERY DAY, that I took this course. Thank you so much!“

Lisa Druxman

“Want to start a podcast? Podcasting A to Z is the only one place to go to learn from the very best. There is absolutely no better teacher than Cliff Ravenscraft. Thanks to this course, I'm about to celebrate my 100th episode and couldn't have done it without Cliff!”

Hans Finzel

“This course exceeded all my expectations! Honestly, there is no one that knows more about the nuts and bolts of how to do great podcasting than Cliff. The thing I appreciated most about the course was the access to Cliff and his responsiveness to all my personal questions. He is totally committed to his students!”

Johnny Lee Phillips

“Podcasting A to Z was everything I anticipated and more!!! Going through this course was one of the best decisions I've made. All the materials are very well thought out and Cliff is very hands on. You don't ever have to wait long if you need help. Cliff is there to guide you every step of the way! I especially appreciated the structure of the course which kept me on track and made it possible for me to release my podcast BEFORE the course ended!!! If you are serious about creating a podcast, Cliff will get you there!“

Ric Lindberg

“Thanks to Cliff’s setup I’ve saved countless hours over the years. I learned so much from this course and enjoyed having direct access to Cliff’s wealth of knowledge so much that I went through the course a second time after having produced more than 100 episodes. The direct access that you get to Cliff is worth the price alone.”

Brian Jost

“What I found most useful in this course was the user-friendly structure of the class. It made so much sense from start to finish. I had already been learning for months with Cliff's free resources. A to Z truly bumped my knowledge up to well beyond the next level. I'm more than happy that I invested wisely in Podcasting A to Z.”

Dr. Margaret Rutherford

“I knew I was headed for a fantastic experience when I told a podcaster I was taking a class from Cliff Ravenscraft. Their response... “Oh, he’s the best. You can’t go wrong with Cliff!” I traveled in four short weeks from knowing absolutely nothing about podcasting, to successfully launching my very own podcast. His personal touch felt sincere, and his expertise, phenomenal.”

Tyler Anderson

“I had already had my podcast for over a year when I signed up for Cliff’s A to Z course. Without a doubt, I’m kicking myself for not signing up earlier as Cliff helped me take my podcast to the next level. To this day, I find myself going back and checking out tutorials. Having access to Cliff, the tutorials, and the peer group Cliff has created is invaluable for any podcaster. Since going through Cliff’s course, I’ve seen my podcast skyrocket with traffic and results for my business.”

Daphne Scott

“Taking this course from Cliff was the smartest move I could have made to fully learn what I needed to know to be a successful podcaster. He made it easy, fun and exciting to learn. Also, he creates a community of people who are just as passionate as he is and these connections continue to fulfill me every day.”

Dan Mattson

“Cliff’s class is the bomb - seriously! Starting a podcast is a very intimidating exercise. There’s the technical aspects, the audio quality component (nobody wants to listen to crummy audio), finding your real passion, and oh yeah - having the confidence to get behind the mic and “talk to the world”. Do me a favor - if you want to start a podcast, take Podcasting A to Z - YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!”

Tony Papadakis

“This course was so good it was shocking! Even after going through all of the free podcast training Cliff put online, I learned a ton. It was absolutely worth the money! I especially appreciated Cliff’s prompt responses to my questions and the time he spent tweaking my sound so that it is top notch.”

Mark DeJesus

“Cliff Ravenscraft's Podcasting A to Z program will give you everything you need to start a successful podcast. His experience and expert insights, combined with his genuine kindness, make it feel like you have a good friend guiding you through every step. Being able to ask questions and have Cliff give me feedback is something I will forever appreciate. This course is an amazing resource you won't regret!”

Dr. Phil Carson

“I love it when someone over delivers. That is exactly what Cliff does with the Podcasting A to Z Course, I have taken several online course but none have delivered the quality of content and personal attention like Cliff gave with his course. There is no doubt that Cliff is very passionate about what he does. It is also apparent that he cares about the people he serves and that’s why he provides such exceptional value to all his students, Thanks Cliff for all you have done for the world of podcasting. I a proud to say I am a graduate of the Podcasting A to Z course.”

Katrina Burrus

“Podcasting A to Z was not just a course for me, it came with a major shift in my mindset and awakened me to a whole new social media world. As CEO of my executive coaching company, this was invaluable learning. Now I have two podcasts, my own on-line TV show and am a blogger for a prestigious local business magazine. Cliff, and his excellent course, was the catalyst.”

Jodey Smith

“I have experienced opportunities I would have only dreamed of before enrolling in Cliff's course. Podcasting A to Z gave me confidence in selecting the right equipment, setting up a podcast, and editing audio. After the course I actually got paid to co-host a podcast! I have also been able to work with some of my favorite online entrepreneurs because of the knowledge and networking I gained. It's not just a Course, it's a Community. The private Facebook group for A to Z Alumni is the best. Several close friends and amazing opportunities have started there.”

Susan Milligan

“Having been a health coach for 10 years, I look for mentors in other areas that are of interest to me who are at or above the same level of service I provide. Plus I look for someone who genuinely cares and is authentic. So when I started a new branch of my services, and wanted to promote it through podcasting, I went to Cliff. His course was beyond my expectations! It is thorough, easy to understand, and Cliff assisted me to make my podcast show even better. If podcasting is your next marketing strategy, Cliff is certainly your podcast man!”

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