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Featured Podcast Episodes

Below are a few personally selected podcast episodes that I believe will help you take your message, your business and your life to the next level.

How To Cultivate A Healthy Relationship With Money And DRASTICALLY Increase Your Income

In this episode, I share why I believe that every self employed person can cultivate a healthy relationship with money and DRASTICALLY increase their income by reflecting, daily, on six affirmations related to money.

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My 11 Step Formula For Building A Profitable Business

This one podcast episode is worth well over $2,000. I share my 11 step formula that has been proven to be successful in building a profitable online business over and over again.

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How Confident Are You In The Value You Offer?

If someone questioned how you justify the prices that you charge for your products or services, how would you respond? In this episode, I share how I recently responded to such a question.

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Why You Should Be In A Mastermind Group

My involvement in a mastermind group helped turn everything around for me and my business.

I explain what a mastermind group is and the benefits that you would receive by getting involved in a healthy mastermind group for yourself.

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