539 – How Confident Are You In The Value You Offer?

I recently had a potential client ask me how much I charge for my one-on-one mentoring package. When I gave him the details, he wrote back… “Geez, my Harvard educated attorney doesn’t charge that much. Come to think of it, my accountant wouldn’t approve such a major expense, and as you saw on the Mastermind Application, I am doing fairly successful with my online business pursuits. How do you justify your rates! It’s either a new set of tires or 3 conversations with you. Tough choice!”

How would you respond to this statement? How confident are you in the value that you bring to your clients?

In this episode, I share how I responded to this. I hope you find my experience valuable in helping you gain more confidence in the value that you offer.

The Six Questions Mentioned In The Episode:
1. What are my 3-5 unique qualities?
2. What value do you get from connecting with me?
3. What do you think is my professional strength?
4. What do you think is my personal strength?
5. What attribute is unique to me and separates me from others?
6. What is ONE quality that I seem to undervalue that you think I should be more bold about sharing?

The links I mentioned in the episode:
The Next Level Mastermind – NextLevelMastermind.info
Building An Online Business Workshop – NextLevelWorkshop.LIVE
Free The Dream Conference – FreeTheDream.LIVE

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