Overwhelmed, stuck and frustrated with no clear plan for realizing your biggest most powerful dreams?

The Free The Dream Online Course will give you the techniques, tools and strategies that will allow you to Live the Life of Your Dreams…

Have you ever felt stuck, like you have so many ideas but don't know where to start?

You know the overwhelm caused by having so many different ideas that compete for your attention, when it seems that your imagination and inspiration are imprisoning you rather than working to set you free.

You have set out to achieve a new goal but you can't seem to get started. When you do start making progress, you feel an invisible force holding you back. It feels like your motivation to take action is chained up and you can't break through the barrier of the cage you have found yourself in.

What if there was a way to unleash your imagination, create a list of everything that you want to achieve and attain absolute clarity on exactly what to focus on next?

What if you could finally break through procrastination and follow a simple and proven step-by-step strategy for achieving any any goal?

What if you could start freeing all the dreams that are inside of you and finally start living the life you feel called to live in this world?

You Can!

For the past two decades, people from all over the world have come to me for help with the same problem. They have amazing, inspiring dreams but they can't seem to make any real progress towards making them happen. They have this vision burning inside them, about how their life ought to be, but they simply can’t break free from cycle of what they are already experiencing in life.

The following email from Joel Tetzner, a long-time member of my community, is a perfect example.

Hey Cliff!

Thanks so much for all the incredible content you have produced over the years. When I say “life-changing”, it’s no joke.

I have had a front row seat in this life of yours for many years now. I have seen (ok…heard through my earbuds) so many transformations in your life along the way. Most questions anyone could possibly ask, I would probably know your answer.

However, one of the truly fascinating things, about you, that makes me continue to listen is this: You have an incredible ability to pivot and reinvent yourself.

I have witnessed you pivot from pastor to highly successful insurance salesman. From insurance salesman to podcaster; building an authority in your industry as the Podcast Answer Man. I’ve watch you go from overweight to fit; from Podcast Answer Man to Mindset Answer Man. You have had your fingers in podcasting, YouTube, coaching, masterminds, conference hosting, affiliate marketing, product sales…just to name a few. Yet, when you decide to make a change in something, it’s immediate and with little to no hesitation. To be honest, when you decided to drop Podcast Answer Man to focus on mindset coaching, I was thinking “oh my gosh, what has he done? How will he support his family? Does he even know enough to make a living at this?”

But, looking back, one could say that about every transition you ever had. Yet you succeed with excellence every single time.

If you could, please touch on your thoughts, feelings and protocols that you go through whenever a big transition begins to appear in your life. How do you make sure that these new ventures will succeed? What mindsets do you incorporate to eliminate doubt and manifest success?

Thanks Cliff! You are truly an inspiration!

Joel Tetzner

This is why I created Free The Dream!

Since 2008, I have received thousands of emails asking pretty much the same question that Joel has asked in the email above. This is the topic of nearly all of my one-on-one coaching calls today with clients who pay 10’s of Thousands of dollars for my coaching.

Free The Dream started out as an annual conference and it is now available to you in this amazing online course format.

I built Free The Dream so that there was an affordable way to access the techniques, tools, and strategies that I have used to transform every area of my own life and the lives of those I have had the honor to coach.

Sure, I could point you to more than 100 books I've read, more than 30 online courses I've studied, more than 50 conferences I have attended and I could send you to the same coaches that I've invested 10's of thousands of dollars in.

However, instead, I put everything that I would want you to know, and do, into six hours of content spread across a total of eight videos, saving you more than a decade of researching these strategies, techniques and tools on your own.


This course reveals the Proven Breakthrough System that Unshackles Your Imagination, Overcomes Procrastination, Obliterates Obstacles And Empowers You To Confidently and Reliably Realize Any Dream.

Some have gone through this course in a single day, others have taken a
weekend retreat to go through it. However, everyone, who has gone through the material found within this course has completely altered their whole experience of life.

If you feel like you're stuck in a rut, not sure how to follow your dreams or just need some help getting started, then this is the course for you! Whether you
want to start a business, earn more while working less in your existing business, get in shape or write a book, or you have any other goal, this course will give you the tools and motivation you need to succeed in freeing the dreams inside you.

Free The Dream Online Course

Now Only $197 For A Limited Time

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Free The Dream Online Course

Now Only $197 For A Limited Time

Click Here To Get The Course For Only $197

Email From Tammy Hagadon

Hello Cliff,
I finished your Free the Dream course and it was a win! I did all the work and these are the things that I found your course content did for me.
1. Self Limiting Beliefs - the biggest breakthrough your course provided for me. My beliefs from my past was a strong hold that kept me held back, that I couldn’t break through. It was a wall of negative self-worth and self sabotage. I did not feel worthy of any success. I had a negative mindset holding me back. My thinking always lead me to discouragement, fear of failure, fear of success and self sabotage.
2. Living Intentionally and Focus was a huge mind shift for me. Using Affirmations and positive self-talk is now a daily habit.
3. This course provided me with Therapy, Life Coaching and Action - 50 things I want exercise and the Workshop session exercise were indeed life changing.
I will be going over the materials often. Thank you so much for helping me get unstuck!
Tammy Hagadon