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Our third annual Free The Dream Conference was scheduled to take place in Franklin, TN this July. Stephanie and I were already planning to make significant changes to the approach to this year's event. We had hoped that this message would be to announce the amazing changes that we were going to implement.

However, due to the national (and global) recommendations/restrictions against large gatherings/conferences, we have made the difficult decision to cancel Free The Dream 2020.

If you are interested in hearing the full story behind this decision, I recorded an episode of my Audio Journal Podcast that goes into great depth about this decision. The episode is a total of 90 minutes in length and contains a whole lot more detail than you could possibly imagine.

You can listen to this episode at the following link:

I want to assure you that Stephanie and I very much plan to host more events in the future.

Until then, be on the lookout for some upcoming announcements in the weeks and months ahead as we continue to share the Free The Dream message through special virtual environments (at no charge).

Our desire is to continue to encourage and equip you to break free from anything and everything that is holding you back from living the life of your dreams (or the life for which you were created).

Cliff & Stephanie

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The Free The Dream Conference is designed to help you...

  • Destroy the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living life according to your full potential
  • Unshackle your imagination and rediscover your ability to dream big dreams
  • Discover how to set and achieve any goal that you remain focused on
  • Achieve more in less time by learning how to stay focused on what is most important
  • Increase your capacity for financial success and finally end the pattern of self-sabotage
  • Develop a healthy relationship with money and "profit"
  • Finally break through procrastination so you can finally get things done that need to be done!
  • Protect yourself from external circumstances by taking full control of your emotions
  • Build a successful business without destroying your personal relationships
  • Master your physical body and your business at the same time
  • How to create change that will last.

Important Note: Free The Dream is NOT ONLY for those who own a business or who are seeking to leave the day job! This event is perfect for anyone who is experiencing any sort of gap between the life that they desire and the results they are currently experiencing in life.  A large number of attendees from Free The Dream 2018 brought their spouses and/or children to Free The Dream 2019.

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