Do You Have What It Takes to Transform Your Online Business Dream into a Profitable Reality?

The Building An Online Business Workshop will provide the missing keys to your long-awaited business momentum.

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Do You Have What It Takes to Transform Your Online Business Dream into a Profitable Reality?

The Building An Online Business Workshop will provide the missing keys to your long-awaited business momentum.

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Navigate Your Way to Success: Avoid The Most Common Entrepreneurial Pitfalls with the 'Building An Online Business' Workshop

In This Online Workshop, You Will Learn:

  • How to devise a clear and actionable business strategy.
  • The techniques for launching with a validated Minimum Viable Product to ensure market interest.
  • Steps to identify and understand your target market before building your audience.
  • An exercise for recognizing and articulating the unique value you bring to your customers.
  • The key principles to correctly pricing your products or services to maintain healthy cash flow.
  • The strategies for maintaining your mental and emotional health to sustain long-term business success.
  • How to create a compelling unique selling proposition (USP) and establish a strong brand identity.
  • Strategies to develop a robust marketing plan.
  • Tips for adaptability in business - embracing changes and pivoting when required.
  • Tools for setting up efficient systems and processes for smooth business operations.
  • And countless more invaluable strategies and insights... 

By uncovering the secrets to these key areas, you'll navigate around common pitfalls and chart a course for your online business towards enduring success. Don't just watch this opportunity pass by—enroll today and set sail on your transformative journey to creating a flourishing and profitable online business.

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This 12.5 Minute Video Contains A Vital Message To Content Creators Looking To Monetize Their Content


Most people fail to successfully build a profitable business because they skipped the first seven steps in the process of building their business and start out with step number 8 "Creating Content." In this workshop, I'll share the complete, step by step framework for building your business, and for some, a podcast may not even be required.

Workshop Breakdown

Introducing the 'Building An Online Business Workshop'—a transformative, one-day virtual event crafted with the singular mission of turning your business dreams into a thriving reality. Hosted eight times in the Next Level Studio between 2017-2019 as a popular in-person event, it's now back by demand. However, this time, we've moved it online to empower more aspiring, early-stage, and next-level entrepreneurs on their journey to success."

Who is this Workshop for?

This workshop is perfect for three types of entrepreneurs. First, those who are contemplating starting a business and need guidance on their journey. Second, entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business, fine-tuning their business model, and looking for ways to attract paying customers. And third, seasoned entrepreneurs who are looking for continuous innovation and strategic planning for future growth.

What Will I Learn?

This workshop promises a thorough and practical guide to take your online business journey to the next level. You will learn:

  • The proven 11-step formula for building your online business from the ground up, including hands-on exercises to guide you.
  • The right time and approach for branding and content creation. Emphasis on the crucial early stages that many businesses overlook, resulting in failure when they jump straight to content creation and audience building (step 8) instead of first establishing a strong foundation (steps 1-7).
  • How to craft an irresistible value proposition statement that effectively communicates who you are and what you offer with confidence and clarity.
  • How to unlock the power of a mailing list with tips on creating engaging newsletters, segmenting your list, and leveraging automations.
  • A variety of strategies to attract your ideal customers that differ from simply growing an audience.
  • The defining characteristics for business success in business.
  • The power and potential of mastermind groups, along with practical tips on how to find or start your own mastermind group.
  • An in-depth exploration of potential income streams.
  • A comprehensive deep-dive into the aspects of pricing and money mindset, with daily affirmations and a compelling case for increasing your rates.
  • Practical tools for discovering your unique Zone of Genius and how to apply it to your business. 
  • Methods to pinpoint your ideal customer and understand their needs and pain points.
  • Ways to network effectively and build strong relationships for your business success.
  • Techniques to make your business or yourself a topic of conversation.
  • And much more!

What Are The Logistics?

The 'Building An Online Business Workshop' is an immersive, full-day event scheduled for (Join Waiting List To Be Notified of Next Date). We kick off at 9am Eastern Time and wrap up by 5pm. Our rich, varied sessions are designed to deliver deep insight, strategies, and practical knowledge. We'll also provide much-needed breaks in between sessions to refresh and recharge.

Understanding the complexities of global time zones and busy schedules, we've made this workshop ideal for everyone. If you can't make it to any or all sessions live, don't worry—we've got you covered! All sessions will be recorded and made accessible exclusively to registered participants. This allows you to engage with the workshop content at a time and pace that suits you best. Embark on this journey with us, no matter where you are in the world.

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Are you ready to transform your online business dream into a profitable reality? Join us at the Building An Online Business Workshop and find the missing keys to your long-awaited business momentum. Register today and secure your spot for this life-transforming event.

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Hear What Previous Attendees Have To say!

Below, you'll find heartfelt testimonials from participants of the original 'Building An Online Business Workshop', held at the Next Level Studio in Northern Kentucky. These attendees traveled from all over the world to experience the workshop in person. Now, the power and value of this transformative event are available online, right at your fingertips. Here's what previous attendees have to say."

Diane Wolf

Taking the time and bearing the costs to fly down from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada for this workshop was one of the best decisions I've made. Each minute was packed with exceptional, invaluable insights that truly made a difference. The proof? I managed to successfully triple my coaching rates right after the workshop. It was a transformational experience that I highly recommend to others.

Ann Sharpsteen

I am happy share that the my participation in the Next Level Workshop resulted in $5,000 monthly new revenue within 2 weeks of attending the workshop! Prior to the workshop, I had zero revenue! I just had to focus. But, I have to tell you, that's not the whole story. Taking the workshop was truly life-changing for me and I continue to be inspired and fired-up (both professionally AND personally).

Johnny Shui

I was in the early stages of building my business. Before the workshop, I felt confused and uncertain about my next steps. However, this workshop provided me with a clear and actionable plan, guiding me step-by-step. Moreover, it boosted my confidence and assured me that I could thrive in my business pursuits. After attending, I built the business that had previously seemed out of reach.

Kris Pavone

This workshop equipped me with the necessary resources, knowledge, and confidence to push my business forward. I learned to set much higher rates for my products and services. The techniques I gathered were so effective that I was able to eventually leave my traditional job as a school teacher. Today, I'm a full-time professional coach, doing what I feel is my calling in this world.

Michelle Duncan Wilson

Before attending this workshop, the notion of increasing my business profits felt like a mountain too steep to climb. But now, the path ahead is clear, the summit within reach. Cliff's meticulous guidance and insightful strategies have equipped me with the practical know-how necessary to take my business to new heights. If you're feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about the next steps, I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough.

Todd Youngblood

I had some doubts about listening to an individual who, frankly, has two decades less experience than I do in business, to teach me anything about strategy, planning, approaches, and mindset. But I've got to say, I was blown away by the level of depth of thinking and insights that Cliff put into this workshop. I told Cliff that he could have doubled the price, and I would still have experienced an exponential ROI.

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This Workshop Was Created For You!


My name is Cliff Ravenscraft. In January 2008, I left an extremely lucrative career as an independent insurance agent, in a family run insurance agency that was started by my grandfather in 1937.  I was next in line to take over the agency from my father. Over the next decade, I built an online business where I became the world's leading authority on podcasting. I am personally responsible for training more than 40,000 people on the successful launch of their podcast.

As an online business owner, I have generated millions of dollars through online course sales, physical products, one-off training tutorials, paid webinars, public speaking, in-person workshops, conferences, paid mastermind groups, one-on-one coaching and several other streams of income. With this success, many who had learned how to podcast started asking, "Cliff, how did you achieve this? I'm struggling to build a business around my podcast." 

I noticed a prevalent misconception: clients presumed that launching a podcast was a great first step towards creating a profitable business. They often neglected the essential principles that needed to be established before creating content and cultivating an audience. These individuals had invested a substantial amount of time, effort and money attracting an audience and serving that audience through the content they were creating. However, they were disheartened to discover that they hadn't attracted the 'right audience' to realize their profitable business dreams. 

This led me to craft an 11-Step Formula for Building An Online Business. Astonishingly, most people were starting from Step 8 (content creating/audience building), missing the crucial first seven steps. So, in 2017, I stopped teaching people how to launch a podcast so that I could dedicate my efforts towards guiding clients, step-by-step, from the crucial initial stages to the ultimate triumph of running a successful business.

This workshop embodies the most vital mindset shifts, principles, tools, and strategies for establishing a profitable online business. Register for this workshop today and sidestep common pitfalls and start building the business of your dreams.

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Are you ready to embark on this journey? The clock is ticking!

The countdown to your new beginning starts now. The workshop is scheduled for (Join the waitlist to be notified of next date). Prepare for a transformative day filled with insights, strategies, and practical knowledge to help build the business of your dreams.









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Industry Titans Speak Out:

Top Influencers Share Their Experience

Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt has been both a close, personal, friend and a mentor ever since he hired me to help him launch his first podcast in January 2012. I have had the distinct honor of speaking at every one of his Platform Conference events that was based upon his New York Times Bestseller, Platform: Getting Noticed In A Noisy World.

In one of Michael's guest appearances on The Cliff Ravenscraft Show, he said, "Well I told you before. This is why I listen to your podcast. I listen to you because I like the way that you think about life, how you approach the problems you're trying to solve and just your voice. So you can talk about anything and I'd be interested."

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield and I became friends as the result of sharing a number of stages at high profile conferences in the Entrepreneurial space. When Amy decided to launch her Online Marketing Made Easy podcast, she hired me to help her get started.

“When I wanted to start a podcast, I knew I would need a lot of help. Cliff was my go to guy from the start. I had no idea what I was doing, or how to do it. Cliff taught me the nuances of creating a show that would be successful. I’m happy to say that my show has millions of downloads and I would not have been able to achieve that had Cliff not been my guide from the very beginning!

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn and I started working together back in July 2010.  Realizing that we shared many common values in life and business, we made the decision to launch a mastermind group which is, today, called The Green Room Mastermind.  Pat and I have been meeting together on a weekly basis since October 2010.

Pat shared... “Cliff, by far, has been the biggest influence on me and my career. I had struggled so much to put my voice into the world with a podcast. I finally connected with Cliff and he got me going down the right path to make it happen. I only wish I worked with him sooner.

John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas had a crazy dream of launching a "daily" podcast for entrepreneurs. In May 2012, he joined on of my paid mastermind groups. Over that year, I shared everything I knew about building a powerful network that would allow you to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

In a hand written thank you note, John wrote the following: "Cliff, I wanted to take the time to thank you the old fashioned way. Your kindness, guidance, and friendship has helped to guide Entrepreneur On Fire from a spark of an idea into the roaring passion I am proud to call a business today."

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