Live the life of your dreams and break free from what's been holding you back

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September 7-9, 2018 in Franklin, Tennessee

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Are You Ready To Free Your Dream?

Ask yourself this simple question: Are you excited when you jump out of bed each morning?

It's a serious question.

When you wake up in the morning, do you jump right out of bed, excited to get the day started, because you know, without a doubt, that you are going to do the work that you feel most called to do in this world?

If not, you are not alone!

Sadly, most people spend a majority of their life on auto-pilot, dreading each week day and living the weekend.

If there are five days in the average work week, that means that most people are wishing away more than 70% of their life. What a waste!

To make matters worse, most of the people have a nagging voice in the back their head telling them that they could achieve so much more.

What about you?

Do you feel like you have a dream, a mission or a purpose for which you have been put on this Earth to do, but you haven't quite fulfilled that purpose? 

Has that little voice in the back of your head gotten so loud that you've even made a few false starts?

Have you already begun to dabble with building your own platform?

Have you already started sharing your message and passion with the world and now see the powerful, profound and positive impact you are having in the lives of others?

Do you recognize the potential for your platform to become a full time career doing what you feel most called to do in this world?

Have you found yourself thinking... "I wonder what life would be like if I could do this for a living instead?"

Like I said.... You're not alone!

Every day, thousands of people are waking up to the dream inside of them, looking to make the transition from their unfulfilling day job to their own responsible and profitable online business so that they can live the life of their dreams and do the work that matters most to them.

But there's a problem. A BIG PROBLEM!

More than half of all businesses are closed within their first year, 80% are gone within five years and that 96% of all businesses fail within 10 years. That means that only 4% of a businesses last more than 10 years.

Maybe you're already aware of these statistics and they have caused you to see your dream of doing the work you love as just a selfish fantasy.  Perhaps you are trying to convince yourself that the pursuit of this lifestyle simply isn't responsible and you've tried to repress or eliminate these thoughts. 

If so, I've been there, done that.

I have some bad news and some good news.

The bad news is that once you've awakened to your true calling in life, those dreams won't go away. 

The good news is, also, that those dreams won't go away! 

They're not supposed to.  There is a better, more fulfilling life, that you are meant to live. 

There are people in this world who need you, your message, your business, your products and services, so that they can be set free to pursue the lives for which they were created.

Are you already on the journey?

Maybe you've already started down the path of building your own business. Perhaps you've already transitioned out of the day job.  However, now you have first hand experience of what it is that causes so many businesses to fail.  

My first full year of full-time self-employment was riddled with self-doubt, overwhelm from all that I was being told I needed to do, and lack of clarity of what I needed to focus on next. As a result, that first year was the most difficult year, financially, that I have ever experienced in my lifetime.

I can tell tell you that those difficult times were definitely worth it. However, with that said, looking back from the perspective of knowing what I know today, I now realize that things didn't have to be quite so hard.

The truth is that every successful person got to where they are by following the guidance and advice of someone who went before them.

Free The Dream is an event that features speakers who have successfully built a profitable business doing the work they feel most called to do in the world. 

More importantly, each speaker has experience in leading others down the the paved path that leads to success.

The Free The Dream Conference is designed to help you...

  • Break free from your employee mindset so that you can finally build a profitable business
  • Destroy the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living life according to your full potential
  • Unshackle your imagination and rediscover your ability to dream big dreams
  • Discover how to set and achieve any goal that you remain focused on
  • Achieve more in less time by learning how to stay focused on what is most important
  • Increase your capacity for financial success and finally end the pattern of self-sabotage
  • Develop a healthy relationship with money and "profit"
  • Generate significantly more income by learning why people actually want to pay you more
  • Finally break through procrastination so that you can get things and live to the fullest
  • Protect yourself from external circumstances by taking full control of your emotions
  • Build a successful business without destroying your personal relationships
  • Master your physical body and your business at the same time
  • Achieve financial freedom
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Featuring The Following Speakers

Cliff Ravenscraft
Business & Life Coach

Stephanie Ravenscraft
Podcaster & Life Coach

Ray Edwards
Author, Speaker & Coach

Dan Miller
Author & Career Coach

Jevonnah Ellison
Business Coach

Leslie Samuel
Business Coach

Daphne Scott
Leadership Coach

PJ Jonas
Entrepreneur & Speaker

Aaron Walker
Business Coach

John C Morgan

Ken Davis
Inspirational/Motivational Speaker

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is The Event Located?

Free The Dream will be hosted in Liberty Hall, located at the historic "Factory at Franklin." This 14,400 sq. ft. space is an enchanting environment that will make you never want to attend a conference in a hotel ballroom ever again. The address of the venue is 230 Franklin Road in Franklin, TN 37064.

Date & Time: The event will be held on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, September 7th, 8th & 9th 2018. The event will be all day Friday, all day Saturday and will end at 12:30pm CT on Sunday.

What Hotel Should I Stay At?

Franklin Tennessee is a beautiful city that that has many wonderful options for lodging. We do not have any "special event pricing" associated with any of the area hotels. However, due to the fact that Franklin is approximately 20 miles south of Downtown Nashville, all area hotels have affordable pricing year round.

Here are a few hotels that I recommend that you consider: (Click the name of the hotel to be taken to their website)  Drury Plaza Hotel, Residents Inn, Courtyard by Marriott, Homewood SuitesHyatt Place, Hampton Inn & Suites Berry Farms, Aloft, Home2 Suites By Hilton, Country Inn & Suites, and others

What Airport Should I Fly Into?

If you are flying in for the event, you will want to book your flight to Nashville International Airport (BNA). Franklin TN is less than 25 miles from the airport (Approximately 30 to 40 minute drive).

Since the event starts early Friday morning, I suggest that you fly in the night before (Thursday, September 6th).  The event ends at 12:30pm CT on Sunday, September 9th.  

Which Ticket Should I Buy?

There are two ticket options for the Free The Dream Conference, the Standard Ticket and the VIP Ticket.

Standard Ticket: The Standard Ticket provides access to all main sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

VIP Ticket: The VIP Ticket provides access to all main sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It ALSO INCLUDES access to the VIP Dinner (with Cliff & Speakers), VIP Lunches (with Cliff & Speakers) and the VIP Group Session With Cliff. VIP Ticket holders will have reserved seating up front and access to a special VIP Lounge. 

An Added Bonus...

Both ticket options (Standard & VIP) will grant you access to all video recordings from the conference, as well as the "Practice Sessions." 

The "Practice Sessions" are going to be group training webinars between May and September 2018. I am offering these so that I will have the opportunity to practice delivering some of the training material that I'll be presenting at the conference.

There is already one "Practice Session" that is immediately available titled "Money & Pricing Mindset." The material in this recorded session is well worth the price tag of any ticket type.

It's time to live the life you've imagined, rediscover your ability to dream big and break free from what's been holding you back.

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I can't attend. Can I buy a Virtual Ticket?

If you are unable to attend the Free The Dream Conference in Franklin, TN on September 7th, 8th and 9th 2018, but would like to have full access to the video recordings of each of the sessions from the event, you can purchase a "Virtual Ticket."

This "Virtual Ticket" also provides access to the "Practice Sessions" that I will be performing, as live group training webinars, to allow myself the opportunity to practice delivering some of the training material that I'll be presenting at the conference between May and September 2018.

There is already one "Practice Session" that is immediately available titled "Money & Pricing Mindset." The material in this recorded session is well worth the ticket price alone.

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What people are saying about Free The Dream

Hi Cliff, I took an enormous leap of faith to register for one big reason... I’m battling cancer right now but my Mastermind group encouraged me to go anyway and when I saw the discount it was a no brainer.

I’m not even working either of my 2 jobs right now but God always makes a way. This conference is one of 3 top of mind matters in 2018. So feel free to use my words as a testimonial that says something like... if this guy is making an effort to come, what’s stopping you? Looking forward to more training sessions you are releasing. Looking forward to meeting you and a few other speakers I have been following for so long.

Talk to you soon. Edwin Soler

Cliff, Thank you for putting together this conference. The practice sessions have already paid for the price of the VIP ticket (actually they paid for the price of 8 VIP tickets, but who’s counting). Here’s how they paid.

  1. They challenged me to adjust my rates. The Q&A call where you questioned the lady around how many people challenged her rate and it ended up being 1% made me really evaluate how many people challenged my rate (which was actually quite low) and made me realize that people had been subtly telling me to raise my rate. Once my antennae was tuned to receive the information I started to see how folks were pointing out that my competitors charged $2,000 to $3,000 for in person technical training (that most students forgot by the time they left) and here I was charging only $1,200.
  2. It boosted my self confidence. I noticed that my internal and external language changed. I used to say.... "I charge $300 per hour and here’s why…"  Today, as the result of what I have learned from you, I now say... "I charge $500 an hour when should we start?" That mental shift, while imperceptible at first, helped me to talk with confidence. I, now, realize that people can pickup on the lack of confidence in our voice and written words. This has helped so much.
  3. It exposed me to other areas I still need to improve. I identified areas that where I have overcommitted myself.  I will drastically increase the margin in my life once my current commitments have been fulfilled. I also realized that I was giving away to many things at no cost or low cost. I was telling myself I was doing this to be a giver and to “give value before asking” but as I started to reflect based on your prompting I realized this was just a “façade” covering up my lack of confidence.

I would highly recommend anyone who is building a business to attend your conference if only for the practice sessions .

Thanks for putting this together I would have paid several thousand for it.

-Phil Zito
Owner Building Automation Monthly