147 - Facing The Fear of Being Shunned: Navigating Spiritual Awakening & Deconstruction

In today's episode of Encouraging Others Through Christ, I reveal more insight around my personal journey of spiritual awakening and deconstruction, a process that has been unfolding since 2020.

I recount how I've been disassembling the long-held beliefs I had unknowingly taken on from my religious upbringing, and the reactions from some of my previous faith community.

This episode explores my anxieties about this path's potential effect on my online business and my journey towards overcoming these fears.

However, I've been surprised to find that I'm not alone on this path. I offer a glimpse into an upcoming project designed to provide a supportive platform for those undergoing their own spiritual awakening and deconstruction.

If you want to email me about anything related to this episode, my email is [email protected].


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