In this foundational episode of the Encouraging Others Through Christ podcast, I delve into the rich history of the show, dating back to its inception in 2006. Originally titled 'About the Church', this podcast has seen numerous iterations, each one representing a different season in my faith journey.

I shed light on why I've decided to revive the show multiple times, and most importantly, why I've chosen to bring it back again in June 2023, starting with episode 147.

Contrary to what some might assume from the title, this isn't your conventional 'Christian podcast'. It is an exploration of truth, an attempt to connect with God, the Source, All That Is, and an examination of the myriad paths one can traverse to discover their true self within.

The focus has shifted towards a deeper understanding of spirituality. My aim is to create a space that nurtures open discussions about faith, spirituality, and our interconnectedness.

Join me on this journey as we navigate the ever-evolving landscapes of faith and spirituality together. Let's learn, grow, and encourage each other on this shared experience of life.

I hope this podcast resonates with those searching for truth and spiritual connection. It's a journey, and I'm excited for what lies ahead.

Welcome to the Encouraging Others Through Christ podcast.

If you are new to the show, you could listen to this and then start with episode #135 titled "The Beginning of A New Season."


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