151 - Stepping Outside the Evangelical House - An Amazing Metaphor from Pete Briscoe

In this episode I shared an audio clip from Pete Briscoe and his podcast titled "KindaVangelical." My friend, Richard Marcotte, pointed me to Pete's podcast recently and I was really moved by the metaphor he uses of "the house" to describe the the journey of those who are stepping away from the evangelical church.

As someone who started the process of walking away from evangelicalism over a decade ago, I had forgotten just how guttural, emotional, and difficult that initial transition was. Pete's vivid descriptions brought me right back to that emotional time in my own life. I think his metaphor of the house, yard, street, and world beyond captures that tension and fear so many feel as they begin questioning the faith of their childhood.

I know many in this community have never been a part of the evangelical church world. Some have wondered why I have expressed so much apprehension about speaking openly about having an open mind and listening to other perspectives. Pete explains succinctly how evangelicals are conditioned to distrust any teachings outside of their own as dangerous and evil. It's fear-based indoctrination, and it takes time to undo that thinking.

Beyond the nostalgia and empathy Pete's audio clip prompted in me, I love the visual of the house threshold, representing the terrifying yet freeing act of stepping outside of one's insular belief system. That resonated with my own experience, and I hope provides encouragement to those of you navigating a similar journey now.

Pete is one who still clings to faith in Jesus, though questioning evangelical dogma. For those still drawn to Jesus but feeling disillusioned with the evangelical church, you may find Pete's podcast a comfortable companion on your own transitional journey.

I'm always excited to find thoughtful voices contributing to spiritual deconstruction and evolution. I hope Pete's observations, metaphors, and experiences resonate with you like they did for me. If you found this episode valuable, please consider sending me an email to let me know. My email address is [email protected].


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