440 - What We're Watching And Thanksgiving 2023 Update

Welcome to another episode of Family From The Heart! In this episode, Stephanie and I shared what we have been watching on various streaming services.

We started by discussing the Gilded Age on HBO Max, a show that explores class differences and the old money vs new money dynamic in 1880s New York City.

Next, we discussed the show Lessons in Chemistry on Apple TV+, which is based on a book. Stephanie enjoys how the show portrays the challenges women scientists faced in the 1950s.

We also briefly mentioned just finishing the second season of Loki on Disney+, which we both really enjoyed.

After discussing what we've been watching, we moved on to sharing about our Thanksgiving 2023. Stephanie did a lot of the cooking and preparation. We had a smaller gathering than usual but still enjoyed being together with family.

Stephanie also provided an update on her deep cleaning of our house. 

We are back to producing Family From The Heart on a weekly basis and plan to stream live each Saturday at 11am Eastern Time.  You can join us live and interact with us in the comments on Facebook on either Cliff's Facebook Profile or Stephanie's Facebook Profile.


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