016 - AI Takes the Mic: A New Kind of Podcast Conversation

In this episode of Podcast Answer Man, I wanted to share how I used ChatGPT's new voice functionality to interview me for an episode of my main podcast, The Cliff Ravenscraft Show. I simply felt that this topic might be insightful and inspirational in your podcasting efforts.

Since I simply included the entire episode of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show, I'm simply going to copy and paste the show notes from that episode below:

In this episode of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show, I delve deep into my personal journey with reading. I recall a time when the mere thought of picking up a book was enough to make me groan in protest. But oh, how times have changed! Dive in with me as I recount my transformation from a reluctant reader to someone who now revels in the world of books.

Key Takeaways:

  1. My Aversion to Reading: The roots of my reading aversion can be traced back to my elementary, high school and college days. Books assigned were often not aligned with my personal interests. But was that the only reason?

  2. A Turnaround in 2009: It was the book 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller that reignited my love for reading. Learn how it changed my perspectives on work and income.

  3. Embracing the Digital Age: The convenience of e-books and audio books transformed my reading habits. I share how the Kindle app and Audible app on my iPhone shifted my approach to books and allowed me to read more frequently and in more places.

  4. Tackling Multiple Books: Today, I'm currently juggling more than 70 books at once! I discuss my technique for managing multiple reads and how not feeling obligated to finish each one has given me a newfound sense of freedom.

  5. Book Organization Tips: From the power of Kindle samples to creating book collections, I provide some of my personal tips and insights that have enhanced my reading experience.

  6. An Interview Twist: In a special segment, I'm interviewed by none other than ChatGPT from OpenAI. Dive into a unique experience as I answer questions crafted to pull out the essence of my reading journey.

I hope my journey inspires you to look at reading in a new light, to find joy in the pages of a book, and to embrace the knowledge and experiences they offer without any reservations.

Call to Action: If this episode resonated with you, please drop me an email at [email protected]. I'd love to hear from you!


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