002 - The Green Room Mastermind Group Origin Story w/ Pat Flynn

In this episode, I share a conversation that I had with Pat Flynn eight years ago.  Pat had joined me to celebrate the 300th episode of my Podcast Answer Man podcast back in March 2013. 

In this episode, you'll discover how Pat and I first met and hear how we made the decision to join forces in an official mastermind group alliance that began on October 8th, 2010.

Listen now to hear the story of how a single, 60-minute, meeting of our mastermind group helped lift me out of a season of depression and burnout, inspired a way of generating $16,000 in revenue within four weeks and how that lead to over 1 Million dollars in sales from a single stream of revenue within my business.

We started our mastermind group just over 11 years ago now. Pat and I still meet together, ever week, along with four other amazing members of what we call the Green Room Mastermind Group.

I hope that you are able to discover all the gold that can mined out of our conversation.

This podcast is all about helping you develop and benefit from a fuller understanding of the power behind the Mastermind Principle and Healthy Mastermind Group Alliances.

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