003 - The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Mastermind Groups - Part 1

In this third episode of the Upgrade Your Peer Group podcast, I share the most common questions I get related to mastermind groups.

For each question, I share an answer off the top of my head, with what comes to my mind today, as my answers to many of these questions have evolved as I have continued to experience the Mastermind Principle in my own personal and profession journey through life.

Question 1 - What Is A Mastermind Group? (02:03)

Question 2 - What Are Some of The Benefits of A Mastermind Group? (13:35)

Question 3 - Should I find a group to join or just start my own? (28:05)

Question 4 - Where Can I Find A Mastermind Group? (30:17)

Question 5 - How many people should be in a mastermind group? (30:46)

Question 6 - How Do You Decide on The Date And Time of Group Meetings? (33:07)

Question 7 - What Is A Hot Seat Format? (37:01)

Question 8 - Why would someone want to be in a group with 12 people, meaning that they only are in the host seat every 12 weeks? (39:44)

Question 10 - Who should be invited to a mastermind group? (42:00)

Question 11 - How often should a mastermind group meet? (46:46)

Question 12 - Should you meet In person or Virtual? (47:40)

Question 13 - Should you do Free or Paid Groups? (48:13)

Final Topic: Set The Standards For Your Group! (48:28)


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