005 - Hosting Paid, One Day, Mastermind Groups

In this episode, I share the story my experiences with hosting one day business mastermind groups.

I also share how, even though the event itself only generated a net profit of two thousand dollars, my first one day business mastermind event led to many tens of thousands of dollars in return on investment.

After listening to these first five episodes of the Upgrade Your Peer Group Podcast, it is my sincere hope that you are already in the process of joining a mastermind group and beginning the process of hosting and facilitating your own mastermind group.  If you are a business owner, I hope that you see the potential of scalable revenue that can be generated by hosting PAID mastermind group experiences. 

If you would like to join on of my own, paid, facilitated mastermind groups, check out the details and apply today at http://NextLevelMastermind.info

I have other podcasts that might be of interest to you. See my list of shows at http://CliffRavenscraft.com/podcast


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