Train With Cliff Audio Journal

Unusual Tips, Tricks, & Srategies - An Ongoing Behind The Scenes Experience With A Six Figure Coach

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Train With Cliff Audio Journal

Unusual Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

An Ongoing Behind The Scenes Experience With A Six Figure Coach

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Direct access to the thoughts, ideas and events, as they're happening, in the life of a successful online business owner.

My name is Cliff Ravenscraft. In January 2008, I left an extremely lucrative career as an independent insurance agent, in a family run insurance agency that was started by my grandfather in 1937. I was next in line to take over the agency from my father.

The first few years of my business were excruciatingly difficult as I navigated from the mindset of an employee to the mindset of a business owner. I worked around the clock, barely making ends meet and experiencing so much stress that I landed in the hospital where I nearly died. This is when my commitment to unceasing personal and professional growth began.

Over the next decade, I built an online business where I became the world's leading authority on podcasting. I am personally responsible for training more than 40,000 people on the successful launch of their podcast.

In September 2017, I made a decision to shut down 100% of all income streams from a half a million dollar per year business, so that I could focus all of of my work time, effort and energy on what I feel most passionate about doing in the world.

I began this Train With Cliff Audio Journal on November 27th, 2018 to give my community an ongoing, authentic and real-life behind the scenes look at what it really takes to build and maintain an incredibly profitable business.

Each month, I share the wins and the losses, the successes and the setbacks, the problems and the solutions. This "audio journal format" podcast contains nearly all the same insights that my clients who pay tens of thousands of dollars to get from me directly.  Subscribe today and get access to the insights that will help you take your message, your business and your life to the next level.

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Some of the benefits you'll get from the Train With Cliff Audio Journal Podcast

Private Podcast

Subscribe with your very own private podcast feed inside popular podcast apps such as Apple Podcasts, OverCast, PocketCasts & More!

Marketing Insights

Discover the exact techniques, tools and strategies I use to successfully market my products, drive growth and increase visibility for my business.

Sales Updates

I share authentic and transparent updates on the sales performance of my products so you can see what's working for me and what I'm doing to keep pushing forward.

Time Management

 Learn how to earn more while working less through a "flow state" management of time. By applying the concept of flow to your daily schedule, you can unlock greater productivity, focus, and success.

Technology Reviews

Discover the tech used in my business. From hardware to software, I provide honest reviews and advice on the latest products and services so you can learn what works best and what to avoid.

Deep Insights

Unlock the secrets behind the books and courses I'm studying and get the real "Cliff's Notes" with insights that most people miss. You’ll get an edge and discover hidden gems that can help you succeed.

Positive Mindset

Stay inspired and empowered to maintain a positive emotional state of mind. Get inspired by discovering new ideas and practices that you can use to cultivate a positive attitude.

Problem Solving

 Uncover my unique approach to tackling the issues that come my way, incorporating the power of equanimity and discover the strategies I use to create effective solutions.

Fitness Insights

 I share my approach to and experience of maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Spiritual Insights

Learn how my faith continues to evolve as I sometimes share "spiritual journey updates."

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"I listen to you because I like the way that you think about life, how you approach the problems you're trying to solve and just your voice. You could be talking about anything and I'd be interested."

- Michael Hyatt

A Conversation With Ray Edwards

I asked my great friend, Ray Edwards, if I could tap into his marketing and copywriting  expertise to help communicate the value that the Train With Cliff Audio Journal offers. Click the play button below to hear our conversation.


This is a level at which anyone can invest.

"There are some who would say, “I don't really have money to invest in Cliff’s coaching or mastermind groups right now.” For them, I think this Train With Cliff Audio Journal is a level at which anybody can invest. When you invest, you harvest more rewards. When you're doing the sowing, you reap more.

This is a way for you to sow into what Cliff is doing and reap more benefits as you build your way up. This is how an aspirational listener to Cliff Ravenscraft can become the actualized part of the Next Level Mastermind or one of Cliff's one-on-one coaching clients." - Ray Edwards

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What Subscribers Are Saying About The Train With Cliff Audio Journal

"Without this resource, I would be forced to go out and discover these ideas and concepts on my own, which would eat up an enormous amount of my time and energy.

I know enough about myself to know that, so far, I'm not in a position where I'm generating enough of this high level energy myself that would cause me to actually go do that.

That’s another reason I'm drawn to this material so much. It's likes streams in the desert. When I'm thirsty. I'm gonna come drink from these streams.

- Ray Edwards

"You recently shared something in a passing story that is going to change my business. You didn’t even spend much time talking on it. I’d say 30 seconds at most. 

However, after implementing on this inspired thought, it led to almost $25,000 of revenue — which over half was instant profit. At that ROI, I will be thrilled to pay you for years for the Train With Cliff Audio Journal.

Thank you for your continued work and dedication to creating life changing content. Keep it up. Have an absolutely AWESOME day!"

- Marshall Stevenson

"Hi Cliff, In a recent episode you shared how you were going to generate extra cashflow by offering an online course.

I just want to encourage everyone to subscribe to this podcast because, as well as listening to the behind the scenes stuff, you often share a golden nugget which can turn into additional income.

Based upon the inspiration from this podcast, I made an offer to our Active Music membership  and within 2 days I generated a significant amount of additional revenue.

Thank you for the inspiration."

- Erik Wagter

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