030 - A Workshop Where You Can Learn All My Coaching Tools, Techniques and Strategies

This is a special episode of Cliff's Notes on Profitable Coaching. I'm really excited to share an experience that has been the most influential one in all of my years of coaching - the Free The Dream message.

In this episode, I share a conversation with my wife Stephanie where we discus who we are, what the Free The Dream message is, how we are bringing Free The Dream back as a workshop that you will not want to miss.

The reason I'm bringing this to you as an episode of Cliff's Notes on Profitable Coaching is that if you're subscribed to this podcast, you're probably a coach. And what I'll be teaching and training on in this workshop are hands-down the most influential techniques, tools, and strategies when it comes to making serious changes in the lives of my clients.

My average lifetime value of a client right now is between $45,000 to $70,000 and climbing. If you'd like to have insight into the deepest teachings, strategies, and techniques that I use with my clients at a hands-on level, sign up for this workshop today.

I also hope that by attending this workshop, that it will also inspire you as a coach to see what you could do in hosting your own live events.

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