036 - The Mark Mason Sessions - Session 03

Below email followup that I sent to Mark following this session:


It was so wonderful to connect with you during our call today.

Below, you will find a link to the recording of our session, along with details for our next session. Additionally, you'll find a list of insights and action items that emerged from our discussion today.

📼  Recording of our call

🗓️  Next Scheduled Session

  • Our next coaching session has already been scheduled at the date and time listed below:
    • Monday, April 1st at 2:30pm Central Time (3:30pm Eastern Time)

💡 Insights From Our Conversation

  • You have clearly made progress on your coaching journey since our last session, even if you didn't meet all of your goals. You've moved forward in important ways by spending time thinking about this and taking action steps.
  • It was insightful to hear about your experience coaching the woman through the Amazon program and how fulfilling it was to help her gain clarity and confidence to move forward. This validated why you want to pursue coaching.
  • I'm impressed by your willingness to thoughtfully reflect on your ideal client definition and be open to redefining it based on your recent experience with a seasoned entrepreneur who is looking to develop and online aspect for his business pursuits.
  • You recalled the value of like follow up using video.
  • You recognized that creating an environment that will provide for a professional coaching experience will allow you to better serve future clients. You recognize that you can give yourself permission to prioritize the carefully created environment for coaching over the desire to get a session scheduled as quickly as possible.
  • Through our dialogue, you gained awareness of the subtle resistance you may face when prioritizing the identification of prospects. We spoke briefly, at the end of our conversation, about the need to create the neuroassociations of pain and pleasure that Tony discusses in Creating Lasting Change.

📦  Additional Resources

  • Cliff’s Invitation Language

    I'd be honored to offer you a COMPLIMENTARY 90-Minute Coaching Experience with me.

    This would be my gift to you, with absolutely NO obligation and NO expectation that you'll ever become a paid coaching client.

    To ensure a successful and productive session, I kindly ask you to agree to the following three conditions:

    1. Join the call from a 100% distraction-free environment, allowing for open and candid discussions without the risk of being overheard.
    2. Participate in the call from a location with a reliable internet connection that supports both audio and video via Zoom.
    3. Choose a date and time for our call that you will protect and prioritize, even if other commitments arise.

    In return, I promise to prioritize our session just as highly and provide you with unlimited access to all the insights and resources I have to offer during our time together.

    If you're interested, there is a simple two-step process:

    1. Please schedule the call at LINK HERE
    2. Please complete the pre-coaching experience questionnaire at LINK HERE

    I look forward to the possibility of connecting with you further.



🎯 Action Items From Today’s Call

  • You committed to thoughtfully crafting your invitation to the second prospective client using the language we discussed, to fully communicate the benefits they will receive.
  • Sending a video follow-up to your first client summarizing insights from your session and inviting them to book another will help strengthen your relationship.
  • Setting up your coaching environment through Zoom with full tools will allow you to deliver the highest level experience without compromise.
  • Creating a list of at least 10 potential clients to invite within 30 days will help you fill your available slots and move your coaching practice forward.
  • Optional: Committing to focus on inviting new clients during unfilled session times, perhaps with an accountability partner, can help overcome challenges you may face in prioritizing this.
  • Recommitting to taking action on inviting prospects this month will keep you moving in a positive direction on your coaching journey.
  • Develop strong neuroassociations around the massive, immediate pleasures of your coaching invitation work and create strong neuroassociations around the massive, immediate, and unbearable pain that you will experience if you neglect this work.

I look forward to our next session.





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