037 - The Mark Mason Sessions - Session 04 | Uncovering Your Unconscious Values and Rules

Below is the email follow up that I sent to Mark after this session. Pay special attention to the additional resources section which has a link to where you can find the full instructions to the value/rules exercise.


It was wonderful to connect with you during our call today.

Below, you'll find a link to the recording of our session, along with a list of insights and action items that emerged from our discussion.

💡 Insights From Our Conversation

  • You now understand how unconscious values and rules shape your emotional experiences in life without you even realizing it. Through this exercise, we began the process of uncovering what your current system of values and rules are.
  • You see how any rule that is outside of your control can trigger negative emotions like embarrassment or discouragement if not met. Evaluate how many of your rules have elements out of your control.
  • You recognize that by having too many rules, it sets you up to never truly feel your most important moving towards values.
  • You understand the value of rewriting your rules to have fewer requirements that completely within your control. I gave my example of focusing on my connection to God is the only rule required for me to feel peace, love and abundance regardless of circumstances.
  • You can see how identifying and challenging unconscious rules from your past can help you overcome embarrassment, disappointment, and discouragement, even when not meeting original goals and targets.

📦  Additional Resources

🎯 Action Items From Today’s Call

  • I encourage you to continue the process of uncovering your current system of values and rules. Of course, I also suggest that you complete the exercise by consciously creating your new intentional values and rules for moving forward. See the “Additional Resources” section above for a link to the full exercise with instructions.
  • Take some time to evaluate what the appropriate goals are for you to work on in the month of April, and email me a list by next Monday.

I look forward to our next session.





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