043 - The Mark Mason Sessions - Session 06

This is session 06 of The Mark Mason Sessions.

In this month's conversation, Mark came away with the following insights:

  • Mark recognized his pattern of committing to more tasks than he can realistically complete each day up to this point, leading to unmet expectations and frustration. Journaling has helped uncover this pattern.
  • Mark gains additional emotional intelligence by asking himself what unrealized value may be causing a particular emotion when he feels a way he don't want to. I shared a question that I like to use: "What would I have to believe to feel this way?"
  • Mark's future outlook is rated as an 8 out of 10. The gap between 8 and 10 is due to a lack of confidence, stemming from his past track record and concerns about achieving your goals by the desired date. However, he understands that past experiences do not control his future. He could adjust his goal's timeline to bridge the gap to ten, but a more aggressive timeline motivates him. Therefore, he is content with an 8 out of 10 rating in this area.
  • Mark is excited about building a side hustle that provides margin for enjoyable activities without pressure or responsibility.
  • Focusing solely on one or two coaching clients in Mark's area of expertise by the end of the year will help him achieve this with a high level of confidence.
  • Budgeting and financial planning is important for Mark's values of financial security and stress reduction, though it requires difficult choices he's been avoiding.
  • Breaking large projects like financial planning into achievable blocks of time will help you make progress on priorities he's been putting off.
  • Transformational Language: The language you use influences your reality. Therefore, affirming your ability to change is essential, rather than dwelling on past patterns as a declaration of your identity.



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