156 - Navigating Faith Together: The Marriage Journey Through Spiritual Transformation

In this deeply personal episode, Stephanie and I open up about our intertwined journey of spiritual evolution. Joined by Tony Rinkenberger, we delve into the challenges and triumphs experienced as our beliefs began to shift and expand.

Many in the fundamentalist and evangelical realms worry that their spiritual deconstruction might threaten the stability of their marriage or family. Today, Stephanie sheds light on her perspective of our shared path, offering insights into how we navigated these profound changes together, and the role love played in keeping our bond intact. If you're grappling with the impacts of a spiritual transition on your relationships, this episode offers hope, understanding, and a testament to the strength of love beyond beliefs.

Tony's Website is - GuyMystic.com

Stephanie's email is - [email protected]

In this episode, I mentioned the link http://awakening.cliffravenscraft.com and I also told you that I'd include my email address, [email protected].

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