439 - The Return To Live Streaming

In this episode, Stephanie and I share some exciting announcements with you. 

We're thrilled to unveil the new artwork for our 'Family From The Heart' podcast. This fresh visual identity significantly enhances the branding as we pivot into the latest season of our lives, showcasing the evolving journey of our family experience.

Here's the link to the podcast artwork creator from Mike Russell:

We announced that Stephanie will begin live broadcasting, on a weekly basis, for her Thriving Mosaic podcasts on Thursday's starting at 11am Eastern Time, beginning on Thursday, November 30th.  You can join her live stream via her Facebook Profile at https://www.facebook.com/stephanieravenscraft.

We also announced that Stephanie and I, together, are going to be live broadcasting weekly on Saturdays at 11am Eastern Time.  For now, our hope is to make this broadcast a weekly live recording of this Family From The Heart Podcast.  You can join us for this live stream on Stephanie's Facebook Profile or Cliff's Facebook Profile.



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