004 - Multiple Podcast Strategy - Calls To Action - And More!

There are two main segments to this episode.

Segment 1

An update to my portable podcasting studio setup that I spoke about in episode 3 of this podcast.

Here are links to the additional items that I have purchased:

Important Link:

Be sure to listen to Episode 668 of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show to hear the audio quality of the additional gear above to my portable podcast studio setup as compared to what you can hear in episode 003 of this podcast. 


Segment 2

My 2021 Podcast Content Strategy

I was recently asked to share my thoughts on either the future of podcasting or what I think that podcast producers "should" do to take their own podcasting efforts to the next level.

I am not one who is into "predicting" the future of technology. Instead, I prefer to keep my focus on what is available, in the present moment, that allows me to create a powerful, profound and positive impact in the lives of others.

I also attempt to AVOID sharing what I think other podcasters "should do." Though, I admit, I've been known to "should on" podcasters occasionally.  My apologies... Just Be Yourself!

To answer the question that was posed, I simply decided to share my own 2021 Podcast Content Strategy.  It is not a recommendation of what you should do but simply a source of potential inspiration of what you might consider as an option for yourself.

Jaime Legagneur and Sid Meadows joined one of my recent Ask Me Anything rooms on ClubhouseIn this second segment of the episode, I share the conversation that I had with Jaime and Sid.

Learn More About My Clubhouse Rooms going to MindsetAnswerMan.com/clubhouse.

Here are the topics covered in this segment

  1. Overview of my 2021 Podcast Content Strategy
  2. Masterclass on Creating Calls To Action
  3. How I market and promote all the shows I create
  4. Thoughts related to the quote... "Jake of All Trades, Master of None Is Often Better Than Master of One."


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