705 - How To Manifest Success/Dreams - The Law of Attraction - Featuring Megan Porta

I'm so excited to share this episode with you! I had the pleasure of being joined by my good friend Megan Porta. As an experienced entrepreneur in the food blogging space, Megan brings a wealth of knowledge. And like me, she has a passion for the topics of manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

In this episode, Megan and I give an overview of what manifestation and the Law of Attraction are all about. We share some of our own personal stories of times we've successfully manifested things into our lives. Megan and I have seen the power of intention and positive thinking.

We dive into tips and insights for being more deliberate and effective at manifesting your desires. This includes getting clear on your goals, detaching from the outcome, taking aligned action, and maintaining positive energy. Megan and I both agree that manifesting with intention takes dedication and consistency. But with practice, it can absolutely transform your life experience.

A highlight from this episode was sharing our top two favorite takeaways from the classic book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. The teachings from this book formed a foundational understanding the basics of the Law of Attraction philosophy. Key lessons include the power of desire, faith, autosuggestion, and having a definite purpose.

To wrap up an enlightening conversation, Megan and I each share the most important lesson we've learned so far on our entrepreneurial journeys. 

I'm so grateful to Megan for joining me and I know you'll love this manifestation-focused episode! Remember, you have the power to intentionally shape your life through focused thought. Believe in yourself and take inspired action. You've got this!

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