715 - From Seven Years of Intention To Taking Action Within 7 Days

In today's episode, I share a transformative conversation highlighting how one coaching session can shift years of aspirations into rapid reality.

Recently, I had the pleasure of coaching Ryan Hamilton, a visionary who had been nurturing the dream of launching his own podcast and becoming an industry thought leader for seven years. During our intensive 90-minute session, Ryan sought to break free from the shackles of perfectionism and to gain momentum on his journey. We focused on practical steps that would empower him to "get the train out of the station" and bring his long-awaited passion project to the world.

This episode underscores a vital lesson: the 'perfect' time or idea is a myth that often impedes progress. Taking incremental, yet deliberate, steps can ignite a powerful chain reaction, propelling your dreams into existence. It’s about progress, not perfection.

My hope is that Ryan’s story and our coaching conversation inspire you to translate your intentions into tangible steps. Remember, starting with even the smallest act can lay the groundwork for greater achievements. And if you’re seeking guidance or a collaborative brainstorm to advance your objectives, I'm here to lend my expertise.

For those interested in exploring the Next Level Mastermind or a one-on-one coaching relationship, reach out to me directly at [email protected] and use “Coaching” as your email subject. Let's make your vision a reality, together.

Be sure to check out Ryan's "Make Real Stuff" podcast. Click here for a link to episode 001.


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