720 - Finding Your Bigger Shovel: A Path to Unlocking Buried Potential

In this episode, I had the pleasure of coaching Freya Casey, a successful singing coach and single mother of twins based in Germany. Freya has built her coaching business to over six figures but desires to scale even bigger to reach $1 million in annual revenue.

We dove deep into Freya's dreams and goals, uncovering her treasure of becoming the business owner who scales rapidly with a great team behind her. Through our discussion, Freya gained clarity on specific actions she can take to help grow her profits.

If you're a single mom entrepreneur looking for inspiration and community, be sure to connect with Freya through her new podcast "The Single Mom CEO" launching next week. You can also download her free guide at TheSingleMomCEO.com. It has been a pleasure to coaching Freya over the past several years and I look forward to seeing her continued success!

If you are a full-time self-employed business owner and would like to experience a coaching session with me, email me right now at [email protected].


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