733 - Let’s Put An End To The Myth of The Overnight Success

I’ve been observing an alarming trend. Many people are prematurely quitting their day jobs, having fallen for the myth of overnight success. In this episode, I will discuss the myth of overnight success and its negative impact on the wellbeing of those who believe in it. I will introduce three questions to consider before quitting your day job and four essential business foundations to establish beforehand. Additionally, I will provide three suggestions for those who may have prematurely left their day jobs.

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Outline for this episode

Central Theme(s)

  • Let’s put an end to the Myth of The Overnight Success.
  • Let’s stop the trend of people quitting their day jobs prematurely.

Three Questions To Ask Before You Quit Day Job

  1. Do I have a track record of meeting the needs of a community of people?
  2. Are people telling other people about the important work that I am doing in the world?
  3. Are people coming to me and asking me for help with an offer to pay for that help?

Four Key Foundations For A Thriving Business

  1. Financial Stability
    • A Proven and sustainable business model.

      (Validated Products/Services)

    • Significant Savings (Min 9-12 months runway)

  2. Revenue Consistency
    • A regular and sufficient income from the business.
    • An understanding of the true timeline for building a profitable business.
  3. Mindset Development
    • An ability to manage emotions, unmet expectations and significant risk.
  4. Skill Development
    • A commitment to developing necessary entrepreneurial skills.

      (Time Management, Pricing, Sales, Marketing, Software, etc.)

Three Recommendations For Those Who Have Quit The Day Job Prematurely

  1. Review The Financial Health of the Business
    • Evaluate current financial situation. Discover and document any potential financial gaps.
    • Identify alternative income sources if necessary.
  2. Strengthen Business Foundations
    • Focus on building a consistent client base.
    • Refine products/services to meet market demand.
      • Your Product/Service should MEET DEMAND, not try to create it.
  3. Mindset and Continued Learning
    • Invest in your growth in the area of mindset and emotional state management.
    • Consistently expand your professional skill development. (Especially in the areas of sales and marketing)



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