734 - Is It Worth Having A Video Version of Your Audio Podcast?

Have you ever felt the magic of something you love slowly slipping away? In this episode, I share how my experiment with creating a video version of this podcast was diminishing the magic of my beloved audio-first approach to creating podcast content.

Tune in to this in-depth exploration of the potential value of creating a video version of an audio-only podcast. I share the highs, lows, and the pivotal decision that brought the spark back to my content creation journey.


I recount my recent journey of returning to a consistent weekly production schedule. With a desire to maximize my reach, I decided to create a live-streamed video version of my podcast. Despite my extensive experience with live streaming and video production, I soon realized that my current approach was introducing more challenges than benefits.

I share my history with live streaming, from early audio live shows via SkypeCast to video streaming on Ustream, and the transition back to audio-only content, until just recently. I discuss the technical hurdles and time demands that came with producing high-quality video content, and how these challenges led me to reconsider my approach.

After recounting my recent explorations and the lessons I've learned, I offer recommendations for those considering adding a video version to their audio-first podcast. Join me on this evolving journey as I deliver valuable insights to help you weigh the pros and cons of creating a video version while preserving the essence of your audio-first podcasting approach.


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Cliff Ravenscraft



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