010 - Jeff Bartsch - Living The Dream As Professional Storyteller

Join us in this fascinating episode with Jeff Bartsch, where we explore his dynamic journey through multiple creative identities to discover the core essence that ties his life’s work together.

Starting as "Jeff, the piano guy," he mastered the art of piano from a young age, envisioning a future dedicated solely to music. However, his passion evolved, leading him into the realms of music composition, media production, and ultimately to film school and radio.

This episode unfolds Jeff’s 20-year saga of living the dream in Hollywood, the storytelling capital of the world, and how he eventually sought greater possibilities beyond his initial professional identity.

Now a coach and consultant, Jeff delves into the intrinsic value of his life-long work—turning ordinary messages into extraordinary narratives and empowering others to create and return value in innovative ways.

About Jeff Bartsch 

Jeff Bartsch is the founding communication and thought leadership coach at Story Greenlight. With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry and online business, Jeff has helped shape content for clients including ABC, NBC, Disney, Apple, Netflix, and many others. Jeff’s commentary has been featured in publications including Time Magazine, USA Today, and the Associated Press.

Through Story Greenlight, Jeff empowers accounting executives and advisors to show up as confident, memorable communicators and industry thought leaders, so they can create the human connections to expand their business and their impact in the world. He believes that the power of story is within reach of everyone, and that human connection is everything.

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