What Are You Creating?

What Are You Creating?

Hosted by: Cliff Ravenscraft

Interviews with people who intentional about what they want to create in this life.

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009 - Jessica Rhodes | Interview Connections | Podcast Guesting Service

In this podcast episode, I interview my dear friend Jessica Rhodes about her podcast guesting service business, Interview Connections, which she started in 2013. Over the past decade, her business has become a...
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008 - The Rich Tapestry of Pat Flynn's Online Ventures: Successes, Missteps, and Lessons

In this episode of "What Are You Creating," I had the pleasure to deep dive into the creative side of the multifaceted Pat Flynn. Pat, an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and the brain behind "Smart Passive Income,"...
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007 - The Biggest Opportunity In My Business And I Couldn’t Afford it!

This episode contains just one incredibly powerful story how how my participation within a mastermind group has made my dreams, personally and professionally, become reality.  Click here to see the video version of...
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006 - Paul Klien - BizableTV

In this episode I have a conversation with Paul Klein who is a husband, father and someone who has created an income and business that supports his lifestyle rather than then other way around. Paul's gift to the world...
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005 - John Lee Dumas - Creating A Better Version of Myself

In this episode, I feature a conversation with my dear friend, John Lee Dumas, from Entrepreneur on Fire.  In this episode, I'm certain that I asked questions that John has never been asked in an interview before and...
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004 - Ray Edwards - Our Many Masks

In this episode I speak with one of my dearest friends on this planet, Ray Edwards.   I have other podcasts that might be of interest to you. See my list of shows at http://CliffRavenscraft.com/podcast   Let's Work...
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003 - Jake Lang - Building A Passive Income Business

In this episode, I feature a conversation with my great friend, Jake Lang, from The Entrepreneur Ride Along, AssociatePi.com, and the author of the book Step One. Jake's story, of determination about what he wanted to...
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002 - Steven Foust - From Corporate To Entrepreneur

In this episode, I feature an amazing conversation with my friend, Steven Foust, from NCO On Fire.  Our conversation features Steven's story of his journey from the Corporate World to becoming full-time...
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001 - Kevin Davis - Health Chat For Entrepreneurs

In this first podcast episode, I share a conversation that I had with my great friend Kevin Davis PA-C.  The focus of our conversation is on health and fitness, especially for those of us in our 40's, 50's and...
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