023 - The Biggest Opportunity In My Business And I Couldn’t Afford it!

This episode contains just one incredibly powerful story how how my participation within a mastermind group has made my dreams, personally and professionally, become reality.  Click here to see the video version of the message included within this episode.

If you are full-time self-employed or plan to become full-time self employed within the next 12 to 18 months, I want to invite you to CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR THE NEXT LEVEL MASTERMIND TODAY.

Here are a few testimonials from current and former members of The Next Level Mastermind:

Tom Heffner said...

Cliff Ravenscraft and the mastermind he created were a major inflection point in my career and life. I went from feeling trapped in a day job to creating my own freedom and autonomy. I left the day job at that time to start my own business to give myself more freedom to do what I want, with whom I want, when I wanted. I've never looked back. Here's the interesting part - as much as Cliff can help you with the tactical/practical (e.g. the in's/out's of online business - he can definitely help with this) ... what really helped me was changing my mindsets and removing the limiting beliefs holding me back from achieving what I wanted.

Dan Faulknor said...

I joined the group with the plan of maybe leaving my day job in the next year or two. Within 6 months of joining (and attending meetings at 3am my time. It was worth it!) I had a plan to leave my day job within a couple of months. I did leave my day job, much sooner than expected and now 4 years later my business is thriving with 3 employees + myself. Cliff's ability to ask you questions and get you to lead YOURSELF is his greatest strength, in my mind. You have nobody to 'blame' but yourself, because you provide all the answers with Cliff's guidance. 

Kevin Davis said... 

I was at a standstill. Didn’t know what the next step was. Actually, I didn’t think I was qualified to make the next step. Didn’t have anyone in my circle at that time to help. So I took a leap and joined Cliffs mastermind. My how things changed! First was overcoming some thoughts that held me back. Then some steps and next action items to get the ball rolling. Now I’ve moved the ball down the field farther and quicker than ever imagined.

Leslie Graham said...

If you are thinking about this, be sure to reach out to Cliff. Joining NLM was the biggest leap I'd ever made in terms of investing in myself and my business, but my life was radically changed in so many ways as a result of my nearly two years with the group. In fact, my current business was launched as a result and I couldn't be happier with the trajectory of that business.



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