690 - Take Your Business To New Levels of Success With Great Sales Funnels!

Did you ever think there would be a day when you would get an episode of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show where I would be talking about building and optimizing Sales Funnels?

No, it's not a joke. That's really what this episode is about.

In the introduction, I mentioned how I had "unconsciously" judged Russell Brunson and his Click Funnels Brand as something that was not in alignment with my way of approaching business.

While I'm not sure that I'll ever become a Click Funnels Customer, I am already a fan of Russell's "The Secrets Trilogy" which are three books titled DOTCOM SECRETS, EXPERT SECRETS and TRAFFIC SECRETS. 

I've already received so much value from the first few chapters of the first book that I've committed to doing a full commentary series in my Train With Cliff Audio Journal Podcast on each of these three books.

Have a listen to this episode and you'll discover why. 

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