692 - Harnessing Equanimity to Conquer Borderline Business Burnout

Harnessing Equanimity to Conquer Borderline Business Burnout

Business burnout is an all-too-common occurrence for many entrepreneurs and business owners. 

It’s a state of exhaustion, stress, and frustration that can lead to decreased productivity and the inability to stay focused and motivated. If not dealt with, physical and mental health problems can manifest.

I know what it feels like to experience business burnout. I’ve been there, done that, and have almost died from it.

It’s a crushing feeling knowing that you’ve put in every ounce of time, effort and energy that you have to offer into something, only to feel like you are spinning your wheels and not getting very far.

My two week trip to the hospital, in January 2009, was a wake-up call for me to realize that taking on too much and pushing yourself too hard can have severe consequences.​

As I look back on my life, I realize that I didn't need to work harder, I simply needed a better state of mind to work from. 

We all have moments when we feel overwhelmed and it can be hard to find a way out of it. Stress can be a powerful force that can be difficult to break out of. When we're stuck in a cycle of stress and anxiety, it can seem logical to just keep pushing and trying to work harder, rather than taking the time to step back and reset our state of mind.

The Power of Equanimity​

I hosted a live stream with my great friend, Ray Edwards, where we had a deep conversation about "the power of equanimity."

Equanimity is the ability to remain calm, composed, and balanced in the face of life’s challenges. It’s an essential quality to cultivate, especially in times of uncertainty and difficulty. 

In our conversation, Ray and I discussed the difference between our knee-jerk emotional reactions and our rational responses to the issues that we face.​

 If we master the skill of equanimity, we will have what it takes to navigate the tumultuous waters of life and business with grace and wisdom.

This podcast episode contains this powerful conversation.

The day after this podcast episode was published, the following email came in:

Hi Cliff & Ray

Just wanting to genuinely thank you both for sharing the truly inspiring conversation you had in episode 692 of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show.

I woke up at 4 am (a bit disrupted sleep schedule while battling through covid) and listened to your conversation and reflected upon my own life.

The nuggets of refined wisdom you both distilled in that conversation are pure gold.

I stopped the episode, got up from my bed, made a cup of coffee and started manually transcribing each and every word you said in that episode.

I am now looking at these notes and am amazed how dense they are and much insight I am getting for my own life.

I sense that I've only started and will go over these notes many times in the days to come.

Anyway, a honest thank you to you both for having and sharing that inspiring conversation!

Yours truly
Name Removed 

If you've ever felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and stuck in the cycle of business burnout, I urge you to listen to this episode today.  


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