702 - The Rich Tapestry of Pat Flynn's Online Ventures: Successes, Missteps, and Lessons

In this episode of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show, I had the pleasure to deep dive into the creative side of the multifaceted Pat Flynn.

Pat, an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and the brain behind "Smart Passive Income," shares how his identity has evolved over time. We talk about how his love for fishing has offered him peace away from his bustling life and business. His answer to why he's here iwas simply profound: to serve and help others.

You'll discover to top 3 things that Pat is most proud of creating and how Pat expresses the value of time over money, which he learned while building his team for SPI media.

Pat's new venture into the Pokémon YouTube channel "Deep Pocket Monster" and his strategy behind it is a true testament to his creative spirit.

His story of walking away from his Premium WordPress Plugins project offers valuable lessons about knowing what you want and validating your ideas.

Ending on a thoughtful note, Pat revealed his desire to be an "Agent of Change in the Education Space," and how he's creating space and boundaries in his life for peace.

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