709 - You Are The Mentor You Have Been Searching For

In this episode, I share the recording of a live stream coaching session that I did with Scott Blair.  Scott is an aspiring entrepreneur with a burning desire to dedicate more of his professional life to his true calling.

Despite achieving remarkable success at his job, even becoming the #1 regional sales manager at his company, Scott faces challenges. He grapples with impostor syndrome and struggles to foster the self-discipline and consistency needed to realize his dream of launching an online business.

When queried about his most significant personal or professional development challenge, Scott responded, "Finding a true mentor genuinely invested in my success." During our session, I aim to share with Scott a thought that came to me: "You are the mentor you seek."

If you're on the hunt for greater purpose, productivity, and passion, this session might inspire a revelation: the mentor you've been searching for resides within you.

I have no doubt that you'll also pick up a large number of additional insights as you join Scott and I on the journey that we had through our conversation.

There are two calls to action for this episode.

1. If this episode resonated with you at a deep level, please email me at [email protected] and put "Episode 709" in the subject line and tell me why you are thankful that I published this episode.

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