716 - This Episode Will Increase Your Income

In this episode, you'll gain numerous insights that are sure to help increase your income. I'll be sharing a conversation I had with my great friend, Matt McWilliams, affectionately known as 'The Affiliate Guy' in my circles.

Here are some of the insights that I wrote down

  • You should start monetizing your email list, blog and/or podcast from Day 1!
  • Affiliate promotion results can help you gain insight into what your audience is willing to purchase and what prices they are willing to pay.
  • Note To Self: Set a reminder to ask "What has worked well in the past that I'm not currently taking advantage of in my business?"
  • Your audience wants you to succeed.
  • Your audience views you as "The Expert."
  • The Affiliate Donut (Listen to the episode for details)
  • You can call it a "referral program" if "affiliate" is not the right language for your community.
  • The Bridge Page (Listen to episode for full details)
  • Tips on building a Resources Page
  • Creating a Product Review can drastically increase sales and cause inbound traffic.
  • The power of offering a group coaching program to those who sign up for a course that you promote, using your affiliate link.
  • Tips on paying out commissions.
  • And much more!

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