729 - Five Mindset Shifts Required To Transition From Employee To Business Owner

In this episode, I discuss the essential mindset shifts that must occur when transitioning from being an employee to being a full-time self-employed business owner.

The Five Shifts:

  1. The Money Mindset
  2. Changing your identity to view yourself as a sales and marketing professional
  3. Self-discipline and commitment to creating routines
  4. Prioritizing self-care
  5. Upgrade Your Peer Group!

Furthermore, I use this episode as an experiment of what I can do AI in content creation. I encourage you to listen to the end to understand why I chose to create this episode in such a unique way.

The Original Versions of This Interview

Arfan Husain’s Bio: Arfan Husain is a Facebook ads marketer and strategist who is passionate about helping online entrepreneurs increase their impact and income using paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram. A Leadership and Management major who transitioned from the corporate world to running his own advertising business full-time, Arfan leverages the power of digital advertising to help entrepreneurs increase their leads, sales, and impact. Check him out at https://growautomatescale.com.

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