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Podcaster's Guide To Recording Co-Hosts, Guests & Telephone Interviews

This tutorial was created for those who are planning to produce a podcast with a regular co-host or those who are loo...

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Equipment Options For Any Budget & Audio Mixer Basics

Two tutorials for the price of one! Equipment Options For Any Budget was created to help you make educated deci...

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Equipment Setup Tutorial for the Podcast Answer Man Equipment Package

This tutorial is designed specifically for those who have the exact equipment that is available in the current Podcas...

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Adobe Audition 101 Audio Podcast Editing Tutorial

Adobe Audition is, by far, my favorite piece of podcasting software that I use on my computer. This tutorial was crea...

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Audacity 101 Audio Podcast Editing Tutorial

Audacity is a wonderful audio editing solution for those who are looking for a free software solution.  I, perso...

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