674 – Is It Possible To Be In Control of Your Thought Life And Emotional Life All of The Time?

In this episode, I answer a question from someone who has been listening to the content that I've created about mindset and the use of affirmations.

Here is the question, as it was asked….

“My question is a process question for you. I've followed you a little bit. I'm a Bible teacher… Been teaching the Bible all my life. There are many things that you say that resonate with many biblical principles. But the question that I have for you… As I listen, it's like, yeah, okay, fine, great. I can be that at this moment in time. But it is just so easy to be swept away in the current of life and all of a sudden… an hour, two hours, three hours into all this and… I'm like, Holy mackerel, I've got to get my mindset back. What tips, hints or helps do you have in terms of making this an ongoing process? It's just that… It's a continual battle it would seem.”

If this question resonates with you, I hope that you'll listen to every work spoken in this episode.


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