658 – Know Your Outcome or Live In The Fear of The Unknown

In this episode, I share a coaching conversation with someone who has been “struggling” to create paid coaching business for the past four years. She has created multiple websites, social media profiles, a podcast and has a long list of other things that she feels that she needs to do before she can begin creating paid products and services as a coach.

In less than 30 minutes of getting to know Cheryl, it became obvious that what was holding her back was that she had been held back due to “fear of the unknown.” Her fear was that she didn't know if she could get medical coverage if she left her teaching career. Rather than getting an answer to that “unknown factor,” she has “dabbled” on a number of “unnecessary things” over the past four years, with no significant actions toward creating paid products and services.

I know that this coaching conversation is going to resonate with nearly everyone on multiple levels.


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