545 – My 11 Step Formula For Building A Profitable Business

I host a live workshop called Building An Online Business. One of the most powerful sessions that I teach in this workshop is the exact 11 step formula that I have developed that has led to the creation of a growing number of profitable online businesses.

While I do share the full 11 steps of the process, this is still just a hint of how much is actually covered in the actual live workshop. With that being said, I'm confident that this episode will be among the most valuable pieces of free content that I've shared with my community.

The 11 Steps:
1. Dream Big Dreams & Determine How Much Income Your Business Must Generate!
2. Identify Where You Are Already Adding Value (Inventory/Six Questions/Zone of Genius).
3. Determine Your Exact Ideal Customer
4. Discover The Problems, Pains & Language of You Ideal Customer.
5. Determine What Product or Service You Want To Create.
6. Create Your Value Proposition Statement.
7. Validate Your Product (This means someone has PAID YOU MONEY).
8. Create Content (Includes Website, Podcast, Blog, Email Newsletter, etc).
9. Grow Your Audience.
10. Optimize Your Sales and Marketing!
11. Create A New Product or Service.

The Six Questions:
1. What are my 3-5 unique qualities?
2. What value do you get from connecting with me?
3. What do you think is my professional strength?
4. What do you think is my personal strength?
5. What attribute is unique to me and separates me from others?
6. What is ONE quality that I seem to undervalue that you think I should be more bold about sharing?

If you need more clarity in the process of building your online business, I encourage you to register for the next session of the Building An Online Business Next Level Workshop.

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