511 – Do I Really Need All This Stuff?

I recently published a video where I gave a tour of my Next Level Studio. This prompted one individual to write a comment on the video (which this person has since deleted). That comment said….

Cliff, you have a LOT of stuff. Do you really need all of that? I mean as a self proclaimed Christian, (I’m anti religion btw) couldn’t you help more people by doing more with less and donating all the money you put into that stuff? … It’s none of my business how you spend your money but I feel like some of you guys that teach entrepreneurship to guys who have little income are kind of rubbing your success in our faces. I know that’s not your intention but do you ever think about what you’re actually putting out there? (No I'm not your audience, and no I don’t have a podcast, and no I haven’t worked as hard as you online, but yes I work hard every day and face my battles as they come)

This episode is my response to the questions posed in this comment.

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