697 - Unlocking the Power of the Four Agreements: A Game-Changer for Life & Business

In this deeply insightful podcast episode, my best friend Ray Edwards and I explore the life-changing principles found in Don Miguel Ruiz's book, "The Four Agreements." We share our personal experiences with these powerful agreements, discussing how they have impacted our lives, especially during challenging moments.

We dive into each of the Four Agreements, sharing anecdotes and perspectives on how to be impeccable with our word, not take things personally, not make assumptions, and always do our best. We also cover a "Fifth Agreement," emphasizing the importance of being skeptical while also listening with an open mind. These agreements have had a profound and positive impact on both our lives, helping us navigate the complexities of the world around us.

Throughout the episode, we discuss the importance of recognizing our own belief systems and understanding the collective dream of society. We explore how we can break free from the limiting beliefs and agreements we have made with ourselves to create a more fulfilling and authentic life.

This engaging conversation is a testament to the transformative power of the Four Agreements. We hope that you will be inspired to apply these principles to your own life, opening the door to personal growth and a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Note: At the very end of this episode, I added a very personal update about my own journey of spiritual growth and how my beliefs have evolved over the past three and a half years.

After reading the Autobiography of a Yogi in 2020, I felt compelled to explore various spiritual paths and have spent countless hours learning from Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Muslim, Shaman, Druid and many other ancient teachings.

I still consider myself a follower of Christ, yet I do understand that my evolving beliefs may cause some listeners to unsubscribe or distance themselves from me, but I want you to know that I don't judge or take it personally. In fact, I respect those who follow their own path in alignment with their beliefs.

I've felt a nudge in my heart to authentically share my journey with you, particularly if you're also seeking a broader understanding of God and spirituality, as it relates to your personal and professional growth, what you want to create in this world, and ultimately living the life you feel most called to live.

As a result of my spiritual growth, my coaching practice has become more diverse, with clients from various religious backgrounds, including fundamentalist Christians (my background for the first 47 years of my life), Orthodox Jews, Buddhists, and even atheists. In all instances, I've witnessed true miracles take place and I've been able to incorporate tools and techniques that are respectful of each client's beliefs without there being any need to deconstruct their personal beliefs about God.

I want to invite you to connect with me further, whether it's through one-on-one coaching, the Next Level Mastermind, an online course, or attending the Free the Dream Workshop. Head over to my website to explore these opportunities, and let's continue our personal and professional growth journeys together, with a strong emphasis on mindset development.

Please note that in this season of my professional life, I work mostly with full-time self-employed business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, speakers, digital creators, and those who are wanting to create this self-employed and/or business ownership lifestyle.

As we work together on your personal and business growth, if you're interested in discussing our spiritual lives, I am more than happy to do so. I can either work within your current system of beliefs or we can explore and expand our beliefs together, but only if desired. The choice is yours, and I'm here to support you in whichever path you choose. 


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