153 - Inner Truth and Evolving Perspectives: My Heart-to-Heart with Lori Hammond

In this special episode of the Encouraging Others Through Christ podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with my good friend Lori Hammond. Lori and I met on Clubhouse back during the pandemic and we quickly bonded over our shared interest in hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Lori recently responded to a Law of Attraction episode I published in episode 705 of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show.

She wrote... "Someday I would love to have a semi-private (or all the way private) conversation about religion. It's too bad Clubhouse isn't a thing anymore because that would be a fun place to do it.

Your religious metamorphosis sounds very much like mine (raised in a very religious house and taught that hypnosis is "as the sin of witchcraft"). Every time I hear you mention religion or new age I'm curious where you are now... especially with the things you grew up believing."

First, I pointed Lori to the following podcast episodes:

I then invited Lori to have a one-on-one session with me where we would have the conversation that you will hear in this episode.

Here's a summary of the key questions Lori asked during the conversation:

  • Do you still have a relationship with the God of the Bible and Jesus today? What does that look like?
  • How much did your pre-critical faculty period of a positive view of God come into play with your current relationship with God?
  • You mentioned you don't believe in a hellfire and brimstone hell anymore. What do you think the afterlife is like when we die - where are we? What is your idea of hell?
  • You talk about masterminds and small groups for connecting on spiritual topics. Since you don't go to church anymore, are you basically having mini church services with different people about spiritual things?
  • As an introvert yourself, how would you recommend another introvert facilitate connecting with others to discuss spiritual topics?

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