As a Master Business Coach, Mentor & Speaker, my mission is to help you break free from any thoughts, beliefs, emotions and/or behaviors that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams and doing the work you feel most called to do in this world.


Scroll down to get to know a little more about me, my professional background and the various ways that we can work together.


I've learned what is necessary to create change that lasts in human behavior and applied it to every area of my life. Let me show you how to do the same.

About Cliff Ravenscraft

In November 2014, I made a commitment to workout six days a week, every week, for the rest of my life. I have burned off over 100 pounds of body fat and built well over 20 pounds of pure muscle mass. (Before & After Photos Here)


In January 2008, I left an extremely lucrative career as an independent insurance agent, in a family run insurance agency that was started by my grandfather in 1937.  I was next in line to take over the agency from my father.
Over the next decade, I built an online business where I became the world's leading authority on podcasting. I am personally responsible for training more than 40,000 people on the successful launch of their podcast.
In September 2017, I made a decision to shut down 100% of all income streams from a half a million dollar per year business, so that I could focus all of of my work time, effort and energy on what I feel most passionate about doing in the world.
As an online business owner, I have generated millions of dollars through online course sales, physical products, one-off training tutorials, paid webinars, public speaking, in-person workshops, conferences, paid mastermind groups, one-on-one coaching and several other streams of income.
I’m now experiencing greater fulfillment and profitability than I ever dreamed imaginable.
Professionally, I coach and mentor others where I have the incredible honor of going on a journey with my clients, as they CREATE the life of their dreams.

Below are the the products and services that would allow us to work together to take your message, your business and your life to the next level.

Stop Doing Business The Hard Way!

Upgrade Your Peer Group


The Next Level Mastermind Group is a paid mastermind group that is specifically designed for entrepreneurs who are committed to growing their full-time, self-employment businesses to the next level. With the help of experienced business professionals, you'll be able to receive insightful, customized, advice and guidance to help you overcome any obstacles and reach your ultimate personal and professional goals. Join us and take the next step towards true success!

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One-On-One Coaching

Ready to take your personal and professional growth to the next level? In addition to paid masterminds, live events and online courses, I offer One-On-One Coaching for those who are ready to dive deeper into their personal and professional development journey. In these personalized sessions, we'll work together to create a customized plan to help you achieve your goals, overcome obstacles and create the life you've always wanted. If you're interested in taking your life to the next level, click the button below to apply for One-On-One Coaching with me today!

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Don't miss out on the chance to attend the next Free The Dream Workshop!

Thursday & Friday, April 13th & 14th, 2023

Hebron, Kentucky



The Free The Dream Workshop is designed to help you break free from limiting beliefs and achieve your full potential.


Whether you are a business owner struggling to overcome self-sabotage, a new entrepreneur struggling with imposter syndrome, or a woman who has put your own needs on hold for years for the sake of your family, the Free The Dream Workshop can help you rediscover your dreams and take the steps needed to achieve them.

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Free The Dream Online Course


Take control of your life and unlock the power of your potential with my most valuable teaching on the topic of mindset. With my exclusive tools, techniques and strategies, you can break free from limiting beliefs, eliminate self-sabotage, conquer the fear of what other people think, and experience more peace, love, joy and abundance. Discover what you most want to create in this world and unleash the dream inside you - with instant access to my teaching!

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Train With Cliff Audio Journal Program

Discover the secrets to success in the online business world with direct access to the thoughts, ideas, and events happening in the life of a successful entrepreneur. With my Train With Cliff Audio Journal Membership, you'll get an ongoing and genuine look into what it truly takes to build and maintain a highly profitable business. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to gain invaluable insight into the world of online business!

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Some Folks I've Worked With...

Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt has been both a close, personal, friend and a mentor ever since he hired me to help him launch his first podcast in January 2012. I have had the distinct honor of speaking at every one of his Platform Conference events that was based upon his New York Times Bestseller, Platform: Getting Noticed In A Noisy World.

In one of Michael's guest appearances on The Cliff Ravenscraft Show, he said, "Well I told you before. This is why I listen to your podcast. I listen to you because I like the way that you think about life, how you approach the problems you're trying to solve and just your voice. So you can talk about anything and I'd be interested."

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield and I became friends as the result of sharing a number of stages at high profile conferences in the Entrepreneurial space. When Amy decided to launch her Online Marketing Made Easy podcast, she hired me to help her get started.

“When I wanted to start a podcast, I knew I would need a lot of help. Cliff was my go to guy from the start. I had no idea what I was doing, or how to do it. Cliff taught me the nuances of creating a show that would be successful. I’m happy to say that my show has millions of downloads and I would not have been able to achieve that had Cliff not been my guide from the very beginning!

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn and I started working together back in July 2010.  Realizing that we shared many common values in life and business, we made the decision to launch a mastermind group which is, today, called The Green Room Mastermind.  Pat and I have been meeting together on a weekly basis since October 2010.

Pat shared... “Cliff, by far, has been the biggest influence on me and my career. I had struggled so much to put my voice into the world with a podcast. I finally connected with Cliff and he got me going down the right path to make it happen. I only wish I worked with him sooner.

John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas had a crazy dream of launching a "daily" podcast for entrepreneurs. In May 2012, he joined on of my paid mastermind groups. Over that year, I shared everything I knew about building a powerful network that would allow you to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

In a hand written thank you note, John wrote the following: "Cliff, I wanted to take the time to thank you the old fashioned way. Your kindness, guidance, and friendship has helped to guide Entrepreneur On Fire from a spark of an idea into the roaring passion I am proud to call a business today."

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